Aston Martin will focus on hybrid and electric cars from 2026

Electric cars from Aston Martin

Aston Martin isn’t the first manufacturer that comes to mind when you think of everyday cars. However, they are one of many to join the mission to switch to electric cars before the looming 2030 deadline. From 2026, they have claimed to focus only on hybrid and electric cars. So what’s stopping them going fully electric we hear you ask?


Unfortunately, unlike British car makers Bentley and Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin will still be manufacturing and selling both hybrid and electric cars from 2030. An exact date has not been given for the phasing out of internal combustion engines at present. They believe that a large portion of their customers are not yet willing to fully commit to electric vehicles. Giving them the incentive to still produce hybrid cars, yet still be in line with the upcoming sale ban of internal combustion engines. 

Lawrence Stroll claimed that ‘people still want the smell, the noise of combustion engine cars’ but do they really? Should we all be thinking about lowering our emissions and accepting the gradual phasing out of ICE cars?


The luxurious brand was first founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Both of which had a love and passion for cars, and this has since been their guiding principle. 

The car market was introduced to the much loved DB2 in 1947, the first of many in the DB range. Comfort, fantastic, sleek design, and performance are just some of the many features of this car. We can certainly see why it was so popular with drivers. It wasn’t until the release of the DB5 in 1963, that the Aston Martin name really took off and made history. This particular car became an instant hit globally. Still to this day it is praised by car enthusiasts everywhere!

Keeping up with the everchanging times of today’s world, it’s about time we had some new legendary cars hit the showrooms. Specifically electric…


Onto the most exciting news…The first all-electric sports cars from Aston Martin will be available in 2025. We know it’s 3 years away yet, but we are sure it’ll be worth the wait!

The all electric Aston Martin Vantage and DB11 are the first cars available in a pure electric model. Both vehicles are expected to offer at least 372 miles of range. Imagine the places you could drive to with those miles!

Although the details have been kept hush hush for now, the CEO, Tobias Moers, has announced that an electric SUV will follow shortly after the launch of both EVs. Despite the company focusing heavily on creating hybrid versions of their current vehicles, they have said that by 2030 their product range will consist of at least 50% Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

Will you be keeping up with any news relating to electric cars from Aston Martin? We certainly will be!


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Ford Mustang Mach-e

The Ford Mustang Mach-e is a sports car like no other, and yes we know a lot of drivers are doubting the capability of this vehicle, but take our word for it. Even without the juicy revving of the engine or the exhaust fumes, it’s going to be one hell of a newcomer to the EV market. 

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