Save more when you hire an electric vehicle from EVision!

hire an electric vehicle from EVision

Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we’re determined to make electric driving feasible for everyone. As you may know, you could save tons on upfront payments, maintenance and servicing when you hire an electric vehicle. 

We’ve recently changed our pricing structure and now offer even more affordable long term rental deals. Our prices have been slashed across the board for long term hires, meaning you can hire Teslas, BMWs, Audis and more for far less than ever.

Don’t forget, ALL electric vehicle hires come with breakdown, maintenance, servicing and tyre wear included in the price! However, when you take out a long term rental (of 12 months or longer), you’ll receive some extra benefits.

You’ll now receive 10,000 annual mileage, a charge point and the opportunity to switch your EVs twice within your leasing period. This means you can upgrade or downsize your vehicle at any point. 

Let’s take a look at some of our best offers! (Remember: the longer you hire for – the better the savings!)

A best-selling Renault!

The Renault Zoe has been a crowd favourite since its release nearly a decade ago. It’s certainly been one of the most successful electric vehicles across the globe, and has had plenty of updates since then. Including a much larger range and a refined, dynamic driving experience.

Despite being one of the cheapest electric cars on the market, the Renault ZOE does not compromise on its quality! The top-tier GT Line upgrades the infotainment touchscreen from 7-inch to a 9.3-inch portrait unit. It’s a responsive system that is certainly competitive within the class.

You can now save over £250 per month when you hire a Renault Zoe from EVision Electric Vehicles.

hire an electric vehicle from EVision

Making an entrance in the Mokka-e!

After much anticipation, Vauxhall finally released their all-electric Mokka-e in 2021. We absolutely love the Mokka-e, especially it’s new and improved shape. 

If your main priority is performance, then the Mokka-e does pretty well for a family-sized SUV. The electric motor puts out a maximum 134bhp, but there are three different driving modes to choose from; eco, normal and sport.

Previously, the Vauxhall Mokka-e would have cost you £750 per month, on a 3 year rental term. However, with our new pricing you’ll save over £300 per month on Mokka-e.

hire an electric vehicle from EVision

Impressive I-Paces!

The Jaguar I-Pace is one of the most powerful vehicles we have here at EVision. It’s a four wheel drive that comes with 290 miles of range. Like all electric vehicles, the I-Pace can accelerate with ease. With a maximum speed of 124mph, it only takes the I-Pace 4.8 seconds to reach 60mph, from a standing start!

Inside, its modern and clean interior is full of snazzy technology. It comes with two touchscreens; a 10-inch infotainment system and a 5-inch information display. You can quickly connect any mobile devices via Bluetooth, as well as setting up your online streaming accounts, such as Spotify. 

The I-Pace is a really great option for someone looking for a bulkier, yet luxury, electric vehicle. You can now save up to £150 per month when hiring the punchy Jaguar I-Pace.

Porsche’s perfect performance!

Performance is a by-word when it comes to Porsche cars, and they weren’t messing around when they released the Taycan. Unbelievably, the Porsche Taycan can reach 60mph in just 2.8 seconds. Plus, a starting range of 240 miles and top speed of 162mph. The Taycan has really transformed into the all-electric supercar you would expect from Porsche. 

Ignoring its performance, the Taycan is certainly eye-catching! It’s sleek and slender design is perfect for those looking for a sporty EV. Offering maximum driving pleasure, modern interior and four point LED headlights, you’ll have everything you need at a touch of a button.

Hire a Porsche Taycan today and save over £275 a month!

hire an electric vehicle from EVision

Hire an electric vehicle today!

While these are some of our best deals at the moment, we have plenty more on offer including:

You can view our full list of available electric vehicles on our website. Which one will you choose? You can also contact our friendly EV team for more information on 01634 914 063 or

*All prices are based on a 3 year hire rate. All prices correct as of 14/02/2022.

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