Mercedes plug-in sales grew by 70%!

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Mercedes took their time entering the EV (electric vehicle) market when they finally announced six all-electric models in 2021. 

Despite having a full range of plug-in hybrid vehicles, there was huge demand for some all-electric alternatives. Finally in the latter half of 2021, Mercedes launched their EQ range of pure electric vehicles. Their ultimate goal is to make a seamless transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to more sustainable driving.

We’re lucky enough to have a few of the brand new Mercedes electric models, including the powerful EQC and the practical EQV. Hire a Mercedes electric vehicle here!

Mercedes EV sales grow by 70%!

Since launching, Mercedes’ all-electric range has been extremely popular but that hasn’t stopped the sale of plug-in hybrid vehicles too. While we would love to see everyone driving a pure electric vehicle, we understand that this isn’t completely achievable for some people.

Taking that first step to driving an eco-friendly vehicle is better than nothing! Plug-in hybrid vehicles are a perfect solution for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to an electric vehicle. Hybrid vehicles have an electric battery fitted which offers roughly 50 miles of range before switching to use the petrol or diesel engine.

According to statistics from ZapMap, over 227,000 electric and hybrid Mercedes vehicles were delivered in 2021 – a 69.3% increase from 2020. The majority of these were hybrid vehicles however, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) accounted for nearly 100,000 sales.

Whereas in 2020, there were 48,700 battery electric vehicles sold across all Mercedes Group brands, including Smart, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. With nearly 100,000 Bev sales, Mercedes have more than doubled their sales of pure electric vehicles.

Mercedes have been leading their EQ range with their flagship EQS model, which offers 453 miles and rapid charging in 30 minutes. Since the EQS went on sale in August 2021, there have been over 16,000 sales. 

The unsurprising news from Mercedes comes after an impressive year for electric vehicles in the UK. Last year saw the largest annual increase in the number of plug-in sales, which grew by 74% from 2020.

It’s not just the demand for electric vehicles that’s encouraging! A new poll from ZapMap shows that those who make the switch to electric are overwhelmingly happy with their decision.

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Fancy testing out one of the latest Mercedes models? You can hire a Mercedes electric vehicle from EVision today! We offer both short and long term rental periods, offering complete flexibility to our customers.

When you hire an electric vehicle from EVision you’ll also benefit from breakdown cover, maintenance, servicing and tyre wear, which are all included for you. We will also provide you with suitable charging cables and charging station for long term hires. 

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Sleek, stylish and sporty!

The incredible EQC is a powerful, four-wheel drive that is unmistakably Mercedes. With a surprising range and innovative features, it presents a whole new way of driving electric.

Fitted with a 85kWh battery, Mercedes quote the EQC has a range of 255 miles, and we would agree! Since taking it out on the road, it’s completely accurate to expect 250 odd miles from the EQC.

All of the latest Mercedes vehicles have some brilliant charging capabilities and the EQC is no different! When charging at home, you can expect the Mercedes EQC to charge to 80% in just seven hours. If you’re on the go, charging the EQC is even easier! Thanks to rapid charging technology you can add 190 miles in just 31 minutes. Perfect for long journey road trips!

This midsize SUV sits somewhere between the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi e-tron in terms of design and performance. Capable of reaching 0-62mph in a mere 5.1 seconds, the Mercedes EQC accelerates significantly quicker than the e-tron does. Plus, the power provided by the dual motors in the EQC gives the car more initial pull than both its competitors.

All vehicles in the EQ range benefit from the clever MBUX infotainment system which can be controlled by voice, touch or gestures. Drawing from Apple’s AI Siri, all you have to do is say ‘Hey Mercedes’ and the car is at your command. 

Fancy taking the EQC for a spin before you make the ultimate switch to permanent electric driving? You can hire a Mercedes electric EQC here!

Cover all journeys

The next Mercedes vehicle available at EVision is the practical EQV. Competing only with the Tesla Model X, the EQV is one of the only all-electric 7-seater vehicles (that isn’t a van). 

As you would expect, the Mercedes EQV is extremely big and spacious, which does mean it’s not quite as fast as the Model X. The EQV comes with a 90kWh battery which offers around 213 miles of range – significantly less than the 300 miles you get on a Model X. 

That being said, it is much more luxurious and roomy than the Model X. While Tesla’s Model X was designed to be a comfy, family SUV, Mercedes have really hit the nail on the head. It’s so much nicer for family trips, especially for those travelling with older children or more adults.

While on the road you can charge the EQV up to 80% in a tiny 40 minutes however, the selling feature of the EQV is the interior. While you might not be accelerating overly quickly, you will be doing it in comfort! 

Of course, you’ll have access to Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system too. Plus, the EQV even comes with a collapsable table in the rear seating area, which we imagine will be brilliant for family days out!

You can hire a Mercedes electric EQV from EVision Electric Vehicles today from just £54.41 per day! This price is based on a three year rental, therefore the longer you hire for, the cheaper it is!

* All information correct as of 19/01/2022.

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