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A year ago, the option to hire a Mercedes from EVision Electric Vehicles would have been impossible! Mercedes have been surprisingly slow on their development of electric vehicles, in fact there hadn’t been any all-electric vehicles from the German luxury manufacturer until 2021. 

Previously, the brand had focused on producing plug-in hybrid vehicles offering a plug-in alternative to nearly all of their conventional models. That is until last year when Mercedes announced eight different all-electric vehicles, including sporty SUVs and family people-carriers.

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Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we’re proud to have two of the newest electric models from Mercedes, the EQC and the EQV. You can now hire a Mercedes EQC, the brand’s midsize, 5-seater SUV here

It’s fitted with a 85kWh battery, giving drivers a generous real-word range of 245 miles and a max speed of 112mph. What’s more is the Mercedes EQC is incredibly nippy and can reach 62mph in a impressive 5.1 seconds.

Alternatively, we have the Mercedes EQV available for hire. The EQV is a 7-seater, family vehicle with a range of 211 miles. Given, the EQV is certainly not as punchy as the EQC, but it’s extremely practical in its design making it a brilliant option for family road trips!

One of the biggest perks of the EQV is it’s charging capabilities. You can charge the Mercedes EQV in just 40 minutes when using a rapid 110kW charger. These are the kinds of chargers you’d find at motorway services so it’s perfect for long journeys. Hire a Mercedes EQV here.

When looking to hire a Mercedes, you will not be disappointed whichever model you choose! Now Mercedes have announced their newest concept vehicles, the Vision EQXX. Continue reading to learn more!

Low weight, low drag, loads of range!

Considering the Vision EQXX is just that, a vision which Mercedes hope to fulfil, calling it a concept really is underselling it! The stunning EQXX is part of Mercedes’ new ultra-range electric plans that looks like a car, and not a science project. 

With the styling of the EQXX, you can really imagine Mercedes producing something awfully similar to this first design. The car itself is packed to the grills with radical new engineering, without looking over complicated.

Mercedes have suggested that the EQXX will have a massive range of 625 miles. With that knowledge, you’d assume there would be an equally massive battery. A bigger battery would mean needing a vast underfloor box, similar to those found in big SUVs. Likewise, the vehicle would be carrying more weight and drag would spiral upwards, and so would the price. 

Joerg Bartels, Head of the EQXX Engineering Team, highlights that electric range is actually much more complex and technical than many would assume. He went on to state that, “The easiest way is to put a bigger battery in the car. However, this leads to diminishing returns, due to size and weight. With the Vision EQXX, we’ve managed to push efficiency to a new level.” 


The approach on the EQXX is quite the opposite! Mercedes are promising low weight, low drag and sky-high efficiency. The EQXX will be fitted with a bespoke lithium ion battery at just under 100kWh. Mercedes are also promising the EQXX will have a lower energy capacity than the EQS, which currently holds the Mercedes record for the longest range at 453 miles.

Mercedes have also said that the new high-silicon-content battery operates at more than 900V. It will also have ‘active cell balancing’, a process where energy is drawn evenly from each cell for enhanced efficiency while cruising.

Further developments include a brand new thermal system that is predicted to save significant energy by using warmth from the drivetrain to heat the cabin. Meanwhile, a plate underneath the car takes advantage of airflow along the underbody for cooling.

Mercedes claim that up to 95% of the energy from the EQXX’s battery ends up at it’s wheels. As a comparison, conventional vehicles with an internal combustion engine operate at roughly 30% efficiency.

While some features of the EQXX are yet to be announced, we know the vehicle will weigh about 1,750kg. That’s actually less than a Volkswagen ID.3 which has a range of 260 miles. There’s no performance figures as of yet, but the rear-drive motor will generate 204bhp. That amount of power and weight in the rear-wheel drive EQXX is sure to be punchy and off the mark.

A design that is truly breathtaking

The front of the EQXX takes on a sports car-like appearance, with a low leading edge, a short bonnet, shapely fenders and large wheels. Mercedes’ signature grille will be replaced by a star graphic which will be incorporated into the front bumper. This will be bought together with digital LED headlights and a conjoining full-width LED light bar.

To ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency, Mercedes’ logo will be stencilled into the bonnet. Plus the EQXX will be fitted with Mercedes’ ‘ninth-generation’ exterior mirrors and newly developed, aero-optimised wheels.

We can’t wait for more details and images of the EQXX to emerge over the coming year and we hope it makes it to the forecourts! But for now, hire a Mercedes from EVision Electric Vehicles here!

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* All information correct as of 10/01/2022.

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