The Renault Zoe vs Renault Clio

Rent a Renault Zoe

Looking to rent a Renault Zoe? It’s a French face off as the Renault Clio and Zoe go head-to-head! But will petrol or electric come out on top?!

Renault is one of the go-to names when it comes to small cars. Whether you’re looking for a city car, supermini or compact crossover, Renault has it covered. At the heart of the French manufacturer’s is the Clio, which has been a best seller for three decades.

Now, the Clio is available as a petrol-only vehicle or as a petrol-hybrid. If you’d rather go fully electric, the Zoe is your answer! It’s been on the EV (electric vehicle) market since 2012 and was originally shown as a concept for a Clio EV. Since release, the Zoe has evolved into a brilliant electric car offering drivers up to 245 miles of range on the latest models.

This sets up a tricky decision for drivers; do you rent a Renault Zoe or a Clio? Petrol or electric? Let’s find out which one will suit you best!


Starting with the design of both of these vehicles, you’ll notice that they look awfully similar. This mainly due to the fact that the Zoe was originally designed off of the Clio. 

We’ve gotten used to the Clio going through more costume changes than Madonna. From not-so-subtle nose jobs to complete transformations, each new Clio has had a style of it’s own. Whereas, the Zoe has only had minor exterior changes since being released nearly a decade ago. It still has it’s curved-Clio styling, while both feature Renault’s signature C-shaped daytime driving lights.

Driving experience

We know that we’re a bit biased when it comes to the electric driving experience, so we’re going to be as fair as possible! Once you get past the initial novelty of driving an electric car, the Zoe is super simple to drive. Just pop the car into drive and off you go.

There’s limited noise, other than the audible warning outside at speeds up to 19mph to let you know pedestrians are nearby. As with most EVs, the acceleration in the Zoe feels brisk with 0-62mph in 11.4 seconds for the R110 model.

In comparison, the Clio has a 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox which is light and easy to use. The Clio is slightly slower than the Zoe, in terms of acceleration, with 0-62mph in 12.2 seconds.

The Zoe also beats the Clio with 134bhp compared to the Clio’s 100nph. Likewise the Zoe has more torque than the Clio with 245Nm, while the Clio has 160Nm of torque. The Clio can travel faster overall than the Zoe though, with a top speed of 116mph compared to 84mph.


The Zoe is both longer and taller than the Clio, which makes for a roomier car. There’s certainly no shortage of space for passengers in the Zoe, plus the high set driving position improves visibility. In the newest Clio models, Renault have made it slightly wider than it’s previous models which creates a big, open cabin space. 

While in the driver’s seat, both the Clio and the Zoe have all the necessary information on clear dash displays and share almost identical infotainment screens. They’re both simple to use and have plenty of features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

At the back, the Zoe has the bigger boot, offering 338 litres compared to the Clio’s 318 litres, or 299 litres in the hybrid model. In the real world, you’ll have no issues chucking shopping bags in either vehicle. 

Rent a Renault Zoe from EVision Electric Vehicles!

If you want to rent a Renault Zoe for a short time period, we have some great offers for you! Maybe you need an EV for a long weekend away, or to get to work during the UK fuel crisis? Or perhaps you just want to test our driving an electric vehicle!

Whatever you need an EV for, EVision have you covered! We have significantly reduced our prices on the Renault ZOE GT Line, which now costs:

  • £36 a day, instead of £60 a day
  • £142.80 a week, instead of £198 a week

Remember, ALL electric vehicle hires come with breakdown, maintenance, servicing and tyre wear included in the price!

Long term rental deals!

What’s more is EVision can offer you even better rates when you choose to rent a Renault ZOE for a long period of time! For a short time only, you can lease a Renault ZOE GT Line and save over £200 a month! 

  • Hires over 12 months: £452.40 a month, instead of £684 a month
  • Hires over 24 months: £429.60 a month, instead of £654 a month
  • Hires over 36 months: £420 a month, instead of £630 a month

When you take out a long term hire with EVision, you also have the benefit of switching your EVs twice within your leasing period. This means you can upgrade or downsize your vehicle at any point. 

While you could love the ZOE, you might need something bigger for a weekend away. So, you could swap it out for the weekend and drive away with something like the Kia e-Niro. Or you might want to test out some different EVs before you choose to buy one, meaning you could try the BMW i3 or Vauxhall Corsa-e.

This is entirely in your hands, but of course our friendly EV team is there to support you at any time throughout your rental period. Plus, all long term leases come with 10,000 annual mileage and a free charge point.

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* All information correct as of 22/12/2021.

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