Important Things You Should Know About Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been getting much attention from car companies and the general population in the last couple of years. Many articles about electric vehicles focus on technological advances and new technology. But the electric vehicle story is more than a technical story. The idea of electric vehicles is a fundamentally social idea about the future of transportation. By the end of this post, you will have learned some interesting facts about EVs that might entice you to upgrade your current vehicle to one.

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EV Adoption Has Benefited Numerous Companies

The rise of electric vehicles is interesting as they have been around in some form for years. Nevertheless, it has only been the past 5-10 years that have seen a real explosion in their popularity and genuine efforts by governments worldwide to bring them into the mainstream. Did you know, though, that the rise of electric vehicles has brought some direct and indirect benefits to many other businesses and manufacturers as well? Many of these success stories stem from less-known but essential parts needed for EVs to function.

For example, demand for the humble gasket has risen exponentially alongside the rise in EV popularity. Part of this is since gaskets are required for multiple aspects of these vehicles. As well as that, they are also needed for supplementary things such as charging stations. According to, sections of metal that join are susceptible to erosion and corrosion without using gaskets. This can certainly ruin your day in a regular gas-powered vehicle, but with its sensitive parts and mass of batteries, it can cause severe damage in an electric car. 

Another direct advantage that has arisen from the adoption of EVs is an increase in battery technology. The benefits of this go further than the vehicles themselves but extend to everything from consumer goods to energy storage. Electric cars have a broader impact than simply protecting the environment, with benefits across the board.

Several Countries Have Pledged To Phase Out Gas-Powered Vehicles

Many countries have made concrete pledges, often enshrined in law, to phase out the sale of conventional gas-powered cars. A considerable change, as the consequences will last for years to come and will spur on innovation at a rapid pace. The countries that have pleaded this so far include:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • China
  • India
  • Chile
  • Egypt
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore

There are several more countries that will begin to phase them out. However, as you can see, the fact that most of the world’s most populous countries have set dates ranging from 2026 – 2040 should show you how serious they are when it comes to electric vehicles.

They Can Go Further Than You Think

When the amount of available miles on a battery electric vehicle approaches zero, it’s natural for drivers to get concerned. However, as experienced electric-vehicle owners will tell you, you drive fewer miles per day than you think. After some time, you gain confidence that a fully charged electric car will consistently provide that amount of miles again and over again. Furthermore, as battery technology continues to power forward, you will begin to see these cars able to travel further and for longer. 

It is not unreasonable to think that given enough time, EVs may even be able to beat the gas-powered vehicles of today. Furthermore, alongside pledges to phase out gas-powered cars, making investments into setting up charging stations wherever possible. In fact, just recently, the US government passed a massive trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that allocates $7.5 billion for a nationwide network of charging stations. 

Tesla Is Not The Only Brand In The Game

While it seems that Tesla has dragged them into the cultural zeitgeist, the story is more nuanced than that. It is undoubtedly true that they have become popular due to the fervent efforts of Elon Musk and his team at Tesla, but EVs have been around for decades. Additionally, Tesla is not the only game in town. New companies like Rivian, an EV truck manufacturer, have received lots of press for their innovative designs and subsequently been able to attract the attention of large, institutional investors who believe in the brand and the technology. 

Another well-known brand has essentially jumped on the EV train. Ford recently unveiled an electric version of the wildly popular F-150, which has received glowing reviews and will eventually replace the gas version, the world’s most popular vehicle. Even staunchly pro gasoline manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes have developed their own models and plan to retool their factories to produce more.

In addition to the enthusiastic support of Western car manufacturers, those in China have also been forging their own path and are rapidly gaining ground on their competitors. Chinese brands such as BYD, BAIC, Geely, and NIO are innovating at an extraordinary pace. Although their primary market is within China, they have global ambitions and will eventually build enough cache to take on the likes of Tesla at their own game.

They Cannot Be Towed (Easily) If They Break Down

One of the more unexpected consequences of owning an EV is that you will need to inform the towing company that you own an EV if you run out of juice. Because of the way they operate, you will be unable to move the car freely. Therefore, its rear wheels will need to be placed on a special jig which will allow it to be towed to the nearest charging station.

EVs Are Easier To Maintain Than Their Gas-powered Cousins

EVs don’t have an engine that has to be serviced or replaced. In the case of fully electric versions, braking is minimized thanks to regenerative braking, which slows the car down automatically when the accelerator is released, further reducing maintenance costs since you don’t need to replace your brakes as often. 

People are beginning to understand the benefits of this new technology, and the demand is growing. The current crop of electric vehicles available to the public in the United States and worldwide is improving in all areas, including speed, acceleration, range, and comfort. While there is always room to improve, the future looks bright for electric vehicles.

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