HiPhi X New EV From China

Let us introduce you to the HiPhi X new EV from China. This beauty is giving other high-end EVs on the market a run for their money. Think Tesla Model X but well… perhaps better!

This new EV is courtesy of new technology brand, Human Horizons. The company focuses on premium products and the HiPhi X pure electric car does not fall short of this luxurious class. 

What’s good about the HiPhi X?

Well to start with, the HiPhi X is Chinese made, which you guessed it means lots of gadgets! Yes, this car is very technology heavy. 

No door handles…

For one, the car doors do not have handles! Instead, everything is controlled with the key. Alternatively, you can tap your finger on little sensors to open each car door. We’ve got to admit, it does look kind of cool walking towards your EV and the door just automatically opens for you. 

But of course, you’re thinking yes seen that already, what else…! OK, OK! It’s coming, be patient dear friend & keep on reading. 

Infotainment & Entertainment

So, the car also has fantastic infotainment and entertainment. There are three screens and we’ll go through each one of them in more detail for you.

The driver dashboard is quite large and gives you all the information you require such as speed, temperature, battery information and range. As well as Bluetooth caller ID info and music. 

There’s then a huge middle console screen. Just like the Tesla Model S and X models, the the large centre screen provides information such as navigation, settings, controls for temperature and sound. You can also open the doors, large sunroof and boot from here. 

Then you have a co-pilot screen! Yes, that’s right! This is probably the best seat in the car to be fair. The front passenger can enjoy a giant 19 inch display. It’s got various apps, games, videos, and much more! It connects to the internet, so you pretty much have a large tablet to do well, whatever you wish. 

Need for Speed…

Whilst we don’t of course recommend rocketing yourself and passengers from 0-60 in fewer seconds than you can count on one hand, the HiPhi X new EV from China is quite impressive speed wise. It can propel you from 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds. Now that is very fast! 

Automatic Driving & Parking

This car does have all of the automatic driving features such as L3 driving and also L4 parking, meaning you can get out of the car and it will park itself. Pretty neat, huh?


The distance you can travel on a single charge with the HiPhi X considering it’s such a large electric car is quite generous, providing a 342 mile NEDC range. 


The exterior of this car looks quite funky in our opinion. The orange colour would probably appeal more to a younger audience. It is quite loud and makes a statement. However, don’t fret as this EV also comes in a more sophisticated silver. 

The front of the vehicle is quite striking and has a whopping 1700 LED lights, which are also completely programmable, so you can even personalise them. 

When it comes to the doors, think Tesla Model X crossed with a BMW i3. The doors on the HiPhi X have the falcon wing rear doors (however only half way), as the rest of the rear door opens in a suicide style for the other half. 

The HiPhi X new EV from China is quite a large car also, as the length is 5.2 metres! 

4 or 6 seats…

This EV comes with not the standard 5 or 7 seats, no they have chosen to go with 6 seats. That’s quite literally two seats in the front, two in the middle and two in the rear. Perfect for if you have children, they can be safe in the back with no risk of opening any doors. 

However, if you want ample space, then the 4 seat version is definitely for you. One thing we absolutely love with the 4 seat version, is the fact that the manufacturer has thrown in a champagne holder. Does this ooze luxury or what? It’s almost like being inside a limousine!

Niggles with the HiPhi X new EV from China

With most things, you’ll get a little niggle. Something could be absolutely fantastic but then there will be that one thing where you think, that could have been done a little bit better… 

Sadly, that is the case with the HiPhi X. Don’t get us wrong, it is an incredible electric car and yes we love it. However, there are a couple of things that someone looking to drive one should know.

Windscreen wipers

Strangely the windscreen wipers need a bit of a rest. This isn’t great in torrential rain conditions, when you’re driving along and for 10 seconds you can’t see where you’re going because the windscreen wipers are having a rest. 

It’s really quite peculiar, so we felt we should point this out. We hope the manufacturer will resolve this and pretty sharpish. 

Door handles…

Yes, it’s kind of futuristic to have no door handles. It makes the car look a lot more stylish, however is it practical? Some may love it, however others might find this… you guessed it, a niggle.

Rear seats

Whilst getting into the rear seats is quite easy, thanks to the suicide cross falcon wing door design, once seated in the back it’s actually quite claustrophobic. There are two tiny windows on each side of the rear, plus windows above. Nevertheless it does feel quite cramped. 


It is on the pricey side. Setting you back £90,000! Yes, granted it does have some great features but when spending almost a hundred thousand great British pounds on a car, you just don’t want niggles.

Our verdict on the HiPhi X new EV from China

We really do like this new EV. Let’s face it Chinese brand Human Horizons have really given a lot of thought to the design and features of the HiPhi X. 

For one it looks great with its SUV stylish svelte lines. Secondly the features are second to none and something not yet thought of. And finally, this EV quite frankly sets the bar. The forward-thinking technology will eventually trickle down into the more affordable EVs we will see on the market in the future. 

HiPhi X in the UK

It doesn’t currently look as though the HiPhi X will be available to purchase in the UK any time soon. However, we have contacted Human Horizons to ask the question. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Other Electric SUVs

Tesla Model X 

The Tesla Model X SUV is probably the closest you will get to driving something like the HiPhi X in the UK. 

With falcon wings doors and 6 seats, the Model X says practical and stylish. The 100D model has a 100kWh dual motor, 300 mile range, does 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and has a max speed of 155mph. 

If you want to get an insight as to what the HiPhi X could feel like to drive, then the Tesla Model X could be the next best thing. You can hire this electric Sports Utility Vehicle from EVision by the day, week, month or longer. 

Audi E-tron

For those who love more of a well-known badge with more of a familiar and traditional look and feel, then the Audi E-tron could be the car for you.

The 4WD Audi E-tron has a range of 190 miles, does 0-60 in 6 seconds and has a max speed of 124mph. 

Jaguar I-Pace 

If you want to purr your way into an EV SUV then try the sophisticated Jaguar I-Pace. The Jaguar I-Pace EV400 S comes with a range of 210 miles, does 0-60 in 45 seconds and has a max speed of 124mph. 

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