EV News: John Lewis’ 2021 Christmas ad nods to a greener future!

EV News: John Lewis’ 2021 Christmas ad nods to a greener future!

The beginning of November can only mean one thing… Christmas is just round the corner! If you’re like us, the much anticipated John Lewis advert is one of the highlights. It seems the retailer is hoping to give viewers that warm, fuzzy festive feeling of Christmas, which many Brits missed out on last year when the UK was in yet another lockdown.

This year’s feature is titled “Unexpected Guest” and sees the arrival of Skye, an alien who crash lands on Earth. She is discovered by a young boy, Nathan, who proceeds to show her all his Christmas traditions, including lighting up the tree for the first time and sneaking another mince pie from the table.

In true E.T. style, the ad ends with Nathan’s eyes filling with tears as Skye flies home. The advert’s aim is to remind us to treat people with kindness during the festive period, and beyond.

But could there be a deeper, greener meaning…

EV News: Could John Lewis’ Xmas ad be a nod to COP26?

Is it just a coincidence that John Lewis has dropped their truly wholesome advert while leaders across the globe attempt to curb global warming at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

At first glance, this may seem to be just another Christmas advert – a fantastic one at that. However, we were quick to spot John Lewis’ use of the 1984 tune “Together in Electric Dreams”, originally performed by Philip Oakey and Giorgi Mororder. However, most people would more commonly recognise the 1988 cover by The Human League. While the advert features a much slower version of the iconic pop song, it is unmistakable.

As the world joins together to find new, innovative ways to support our planet, we are all aware of the negative impacts petrol and diesel vehicles have on the environment. One of the biggest changes is sure to be the switch to plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles.

The UK Government has already committed to banning the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. Likewise, plug-in hybrid vehicles, which use a combination of petrol and electricity to run, will be banned from 2035. 

With COP26 well underway, we expect further discussion on the use of electric vehicles (EVs). In 2019, it was reported that nearly a third of UK emissions came from the transport industry. This is seen across the globe, with road travel vehicles contributing to three quarters of this. 

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How is the Government already promoting EVs?

The biggest thing we are looking forward to during COP26 is the unveiling of new EV charge points! Back in August the Government commissioned the Royal College of Art (RCA) and PA Consulting to create a batch of ‘iconically recognisable’ charge points which are due to be fitted in 2022. Their aim is to make charging an EV as easy, if not easier than, refueling a petrol or diesel vehicle.

It seems the UK Government is pushing EVs in more ways than one too! They recently announced their backing of the EV8 Switch app which is designed to help drivers see which electric vehicles would best suit them, in turn making the overall switch easier.

Alongside this, there are multiple Government grants Brits can qualify for when purchasing EVs and installing charge points. This is aimed to make driving electric more affordable for the general public.

Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we are the UK’s first and largest all-electric vehicle rental company. We are pushing to go green wherever possible in order to create a safe, eco-friendly world for future generations.

Sustainability at EVision

We have four branches across the UK, located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, all of which are powered by solar panels! That means, all our electric vehicles are charged using sustainable energy, which makes them even greener,

Our all-electric fleet is always growing and we are always adding new manufactures and models! We now have over 1,000 vehicles for you to choose from, including the latest models from Tesla, BMW, Audi and many more.

EV News: John Lewis’ 2021 Christmas ad nods to a greener future!

We’re keen to ensure the switch to driving electric is as easy as possible. That’s why we offer both short and long term, flexible rental periods. You may choose to rent an EV for a day, but then decide you’d like it for a month and that’s absolutely fine!

Likewise, you might rent a BMW i3 for 2 years, but really need an EV with a larger range for a family holiday. That’s also absolutely fine! You’re able to switch your chosen EV out for another on our fleet up to 2 times within your rental period!

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We can’t wait to see how COP26 influences electric vehicles infrastructure and uptake, and hopefully we can all come together… in electric dreams.

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