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Hyundai Ioniq 5

Inspired by the futuristic design of their Concept 45 EV, the multi-award winning Hyundai IONIQ 5 has launched! The spectacular IONIQ 5 is joining EVision very soon! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to be the first to hire the Hyundai IONIQ 5 from EVision!

While the sleek design of the IONIQ 5 is a brilliant homage to Hyundai’s heritage, this EV (electric vehicle) is completely reimagined for the future. You heard us when we said multi-award winning, right? Well we weren’t joking! 

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 has been presented with four awards by Auto Express Magazine alone, including their Car of the Year 2021 award. It was also awarded Best Mid-size Company Car and Best Premium Electric car, as well as being voted as Design of the Year 2021 by Auto Express readers.

Already we’re expecting the IONIQ 5 to be within the best of the best in terms of electric vehicles. We agree that this EV sets a whole new benchmark for vehicles within its class.

A car of the future

Hyundai haven’t just designed an electric car with exceptional performance, they’ve created an EV that looks as futuristic as it drives. At the front, you’re met with sci-fi style lights in place of a grille. These are made out of 256 Parametric LED pixels and look almost jewel-like. Absolutely fantastically designed.

The bodywork is stripped away of complexity and instead met with clean lines and minimalistic structures. The unique hood spans the whole width of the car, which removes any panel gaps ensuring a clean, high-tech look.

The modern design continues to the back of the vehicles, where it appears something is missing! All of the new IONIQ 5s do not have a rear window wiper. Instead, Hyundai’s innovative aerodynamics do all the work of clearing the rear windscreen.

Inside is minimalistic, as expected, and the quality is brilliant. There’s an impressive amount of space as well as a central storage unit that can slide into the back. A great idea for those in the back seats as they’ll be able to use this however they please. Whether as a desk, laptop stand or mini picnic table, this is another innovative addition by Hyundai.

The two front seats can also recline all the way back which adds to the premium comfort. Quite handy if you need a quick nap to recharge your batteries while your EV does the same!

Technology heaven!

Now onto the actual technology! In front of the steering wheel you’ll find two 12.3-inch screens. One of which contains all your entertainment and navigation systems, all of which you can control via voice control. The other will contain all of your crucial information about the vehicle, including the mileage, range and performance levels.

If you’re a fan of car karaoke, then we’re sure you’ll make good use of the fitted BOSE sound system. This delivers stellar performance with eight (yes, eight!) speakers optimally tuned to support amazing sound. 

The IONIQ 5 also has a top-notch security feature fitted within the cabin. Hyundai’s E-call program will automatically call the emergency services when the airbags deploy or when the SOS call button is pressed. This could save some vital time in getting you the help you need.

The E-call system has improved emergency response times by 50% in the countryside and 60% in built-up areas. This is comforting to know.

Curbing climate change!

The leading concept behind the IONIQ 5 is sustainability. It introduces new colours that are inspired by nature, as well as eco-friendly materials that are used extensively throughout the vehicle, such as eco-processed leather and recycled yarn.

This concept by Hyundai pushes sustainability to the forefront which defines the IONIQ 5 as much more than just a method of getting from A to B. Other than our homes and workplace, our cars are often where we spend most of our time.

For that reason, we also want to see electric vehicles which are convenient, comfortable and eco-friendly. The seat fabric within the IONIQ 5 is made from recycled PET bottles. For each vehicle, up to 32 plastic bottles are cleaned, crushed, shredded, melted and then spun into thread. 

Hyundai’s Senior Colour and Trim Designer, Chanki Park, highlights how their decision to use recycled materials can have a much wider impact by stating that“using recycled PET bottles can inspire people to think about how products that are easily thrown away could be turned into something new.” Pretty amazing right?

Sustainable through and through

Throughout the interior, environmentally friendly materials such as flaxseed oil and sugar cane and corn are used to design a minimalistic and inviting space. If that doesn’t make you want to hire the Hyundai IONIQ 5, then we don’t know what will!

Back to the exterior now, Hyundai have even found ways to ensure the outside is just as sustainable. The doors are painted with natural bio paints, which have huge environmental benefits as well as being durable and washable. If you look closely, you’ll see some detailing on the exterior doors which are made from 100% recyclable paperette. 

Being sustainable inside and out, the IONIQ 5 demonstrates how creating eco-friendly vehicles doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance or looks. Instead, it promotes and inspires EV manufacturers, EV buyers and EV drivers to go that extra mile in helping our planet.

Performance is key

Now onto possibly the most important part! How well does the IONIQ 5 drive and does it live up to its design? 

Well, let’s start with it’s basic specs! Hyundai have opted for two battery choices in the IONIQ 5, either 58kWh or 73kWh. Depending on which battery you go for, the car can travel either 238 miles or 298 miles respectively on a single charge.

With the 58kWh battery, the IONIQ 5 can travel from 0 – 62mph in 8.5 seconds which isn’t massively impressive, but it certainly beats many EVs on the market. Whereas the 73kWh battery cuts that down to 5.2 seconds, which is equal to the Tesla Model X 75D and quicker than the Audi e-tron. Plus a top speed of 115mph all around!

Hyundai’s E-GMP

The IONIQ 5 will be the first electric vehicle built on Hyundai’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). This platform enables faster charging, increased driving range, better handling and creates more interior space. The battery’s position within the wheelbase maintains ideal weight distribution and a low centre of gravity,

All the controls are quite literally at your fingertips with Hyundai’s paddle shift which allows drivers to select their own level of regenerative braking in order to maximise the amount of energy stored when braking. This also allows drivers to set the car in e-Pedal mode and set smart regenerative braking.

Whether charging overnight or on the go, the IONIQ 5 makes charging easier than ever. The vehicle gives you the best range of flexible charging possibilities so charging can be done whenever and wherever suits you. 

Fitted with an 800V battery system, Hyundai boasts that you can add 62 miles of range in five minutes! The car is capable of superfast charging at up to 350kW which would bring the car from 10 – 80% charged in 18 minutes. They really are great stats for anyone using public charging points regularly.

Hire the Hyundai IONIQ 5!

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* All information correct as of 11/10/2022.

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