EVision special offer when you lease a Renault ZOE!

Let’s Go Rental for Electric Vehicles

Are you looking to lease a Renault ZOE? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At EVision Electric Vehicles we specialise in both short and long term electric vehicle (EV) hires. We currently have a brilliant offer on our Renault ZOE GT Line which could save you over £200 a month when you hire for over 12 months.

Why should I lease a Renault ZOE?

The ZOE was Renault’s first all-electric model and launched back in 2013.Since then, it’s been one of the most successful and popular electric vehicles across the globe. It’s also had a number of upgrades since its first release, giving it a larger range and a refined, dynamic driving experience. 

Lease a Renault ZOE

One of the great benefits of electric cars is that they have one ‘gear’ – acceleration. With the ZOE, you’re guaranteed smooth, nippy acceleration as soon as you tap the accelerator pedal. The uninterrupted stream of power is what makes the ZOE relaxing and enjoyable to drive around town.

Fitted with a 134bhp electric motor, the ZOE GT Line will get you up to speed on the motorway a lot quicker than the standard models. It also has a slightly larger range of 220 miles.

Compared to most vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE), EVs are super quiet as there is no combustion engine chugging away under the bonnet. The ZOE is no different. It’s a silent drive with only a subtle buzz from the electric motor. There’s also a low level whirring noise to warn pedestrians of its presence.

Fit and finish in the ZOE GT Line

Despite being one of the cheapest electric cars to buy, the Renault ZOE does not compromise on its quality! The top-tier GT Line upgrades the infotainment touchscreen from 7-inch to a 9.3-inch portrait unit. It’s a responsive system that is certainly competitive within the class.

The air conditioning controls are worth a mention too. They’re a combination of physical buttons and dials, meaning you don’t have to stab away at the touchscreen just to tweak the temperature. There’s also a 10-inch digital display behind the steering wheel, rather than conventional instrument dials. 

Short term hire deals!

If you need a vehicle for a short time period, we have some great offers for you! Maybe you need an EV for a long weekend away, or to get to work during the UK fuel crisis? Or perhaps you just want to test our driving an electric vehicle!

Whatever you need an EV for, EVision have you covered! We have significantly reduced our prices on the Renault ZOE GT Line, which now costs:

  • £36 a day, instead of £60 a day
  • £142.80 a week, instead of £198 a week

Remember, ALL electric vehicle hires come with breakdown, maintenance, servicing and tyre wear included in the price!

Long term leasing deals!

What’s more is EVision can offer you even better rates when you choose to lease a Renault ZOE for a long period of time! For a short time only, you can lease a Renault ZOE GT Line and save over £200 a month! 

  • Hires over 12 months: £452.40 a month, instead of £684 a month
  • Hires over 24 months: £429.60 a month, instead of £654 a month
  • Hires over 36 months or more: £420 a month, instead of £630 a month

When you take out a long term hire with EVision, you also have the benefit of switching your EVs twice within your leasing period. This means you can upgrade or downsize your vehicle at any point. 

While you could love the ZOE, you might need something bigger for a weekend away. So, you could swap it out for the weekend and drive away with something like the Kia e-Niro. Or you might want to test out some different EVs before you choose to buy one, meaning you could try the BMW i3 or Vauxhall Corsa-e.

This is entirely in your hands, but of course our friendly EV team is there to support you at any time throughout your rental period. Plus, all long term leases come with 10,000 annual mileage and a free charge point.

Plans to increase UK charging stations

If you’re looking to hire any electric vehicle, you may not be willing to have a charging point installed at your own home just yet! You’ll be relying on public charging stations, which there are roughly 25,000 of in the UK at the moment and growing at a blistering pace.

As EVs grow in popularity, the UK government and private energy companies are keen to increase the availability and accessibility of public charge points. This week, Osprey Charging announced their plans to create 150 charging sites over the next four years.

Each site will be fitted with up to 12 charging points. All of which will have the capacity to charge up to 175kW. These new ultra-fast chargers are capable of adding up to 100 miles of range in as little as 10 minutes for compatible vehicles.

Most modern EVs can charge at 50kW however, an increasing number can take advantage of the full 150kW, including the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron and Hyundai IONIQ 5. The Renault ZOE GT Line can charge using a 100kW charge which means you can charge up to 80%  in just 26 minutes (the Renault ZOE GT Line can use a 150kW charger but would charge at it’s maximum 100kW speed).

In total, Osprey Charging plans to install 1,500 charging points in the UK by 2025. Their first site is due to open in October and is located on the A463 in Wolverhampton. Plus, constructions on a further 10 sites across England and Scotland will start before the end of the year. 

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said: “Through this rollout we will make charging anxiety a thing of the past. High-powered, multi-charger hubs will herald a new era of public EV charging – enabling mass EV adoption and a clean transport revolution.”

Looking to buy an electric vehicle?

During the current fuel crisis in the UK, we know lots of drivers are considering switching to electric vehicles permanently. If you want to commit to greener driving, cheaper maintenance costs and skip the queue for fuel stations – you need EV Sales!

At the moment, EVs can be considerably more expensive than petrol or diesel vehicles. However, EV Sales offer tons of great deals on second hand electric vehicles, including Teslas, BMWs and the Renault ZOE!

All vehicles from EV Sales come with:

  • 3 months warranty
  • One registered keeper
  • UK home delivery available

For more information about EV Sales, you can contact them on 01634 914 063 or via mail@evbuy.co.uk.

* All information correct as of 04/10/2021.

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