Are electric vehicles the solution to UK fuel shortages?

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You may have heard a few weeks ago about the shortage of drinks at major fast food chains, including McDonalds. Now, the UK is experiencing national fuel shortages with some BP, Esso and Tesco fuel stations actually closing. So could electric vehicles (EVs) be the solution?

It turns out there isn’t actually a shortage of fuel itself, but instead a shortage of HGV drivers! It is estimated that the UK is short of roughly 100,000 HGV drivers, with gaps made worse by the pandemic and Brexit.

While Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, and BP, warn drivers to “continue as normal” we can see why the public are panicked. As expected, we’re now facing huge queues and delays across the country as people urgently attempt to fill up their vehicles.

Let’s imagine if even half of the people endlessly queuing at fuel stations drove electric vehicles instead. We probably wouldn’t be seeing the huge amount of panic buying as we are now. Plus half the country would have no problem making essential journeys to work, hospitals or to see relatives.

Are electric vehicles the solution?

In short, yes (and no). Yes, electric vehicles are the answer as they don’t require fuel to run on. However, electric vehicles aren’t going to fix our ongoing problem of having limited HGV drivers to deliver fuel, food or drinks to your favourite takeaway. 

Plus, lots of EV-antis discourage the use of electric vehicles because of worries about how far they can travel on a single charge. But, you could argue that you’re always able to fill up your EV at your home no matter the time of day. You don’t have to queue or rely on any external companies to deliver anything to your house.

So, we’re asking you what’s worse – range anxiety or fuel anxiety? While the government is keen to get the country back up and running (or driving) again, the shortage is leaving thousands worried about when they might be able to fill up once more.

Moral of the story – go electric!

What electric vehicles can I hire?

If you’re running low on fuel and have somewhere you need to be urgently, why not consider leasing an electric vehicle for today, tomorrow or the weekend?! Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we have tons of electric vehicles available to hire immediately.

Some of our most popular electric vehicles, include:

Save £200+ a month on hiring a Renault ZOE GT Line!

We currently have a special offer running on the Renault ZOE GT Line where you can save over £200 a month when you hire for 3 years or more. The ZOE is a brilliant choice for those looking for a short term hire too, as it is not too dissimilar to it’s fuel-powered twin, the Renault Clio.

For a short term hire, you can now rent the ZOE GT Line for just £36 a day – which is the same price as the standard ZOE model! Don’t forget, all of our hires come with these benefits as standard:

  • 10,000 annual mileage
  • Maintenance and servicing included
  • Tyre wear included
  • Breakdown cover included
  • Home or work charge point included
  • Charging cable included

But the biggest benefit has to be that you can actually upgrade your electric vehicleTWICE during your rental period! That’s right, if you choose to hire one of our EVs for over a year, you can choose to upgrade it whenever you like! That could mean swapping out your Vauxhall Corsa-e for the Jaguar I-Pace or swapping your Porsche Taycan for a Tesla Model S.

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