UK government supports the EV8 Switch app making it easier to buy or lease an electric car!

Are you looking to buy or lease an electric car but feel anxious about the supporting infrastructure? Well your decision just got slightly easier!

The UK government is backing a new app designed to help drivers see which electric vehicles (EV) would best suit their lifestyle and needs. Their dedication to challenging the effects of climate change starts with banning the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

However, this ban will leave lots of drivers fearful of which vehicles to purchase or lease. Plus, with the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 highlighting the importance of physical and environmental health many drivers are keen to buy greener, cleaner vehicles.

As the UK prepares to host the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) this November, the government is working alongside the EV industry. Hoping to provide the infrastructure and tools to make the switch to EVs as easy as possible for drivers.

EV News: EV8 Switch app supported by UK Transport Secretary

Last week, on World EV Day, the free app EV8 Switch launched after being funded by the UK Space Agency. The app is free for all to download and should make the switch from vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE vehicles) to all-electric ones hassle free.

Drivers can see which electric vehicle(s) would be most suitable for them based on their lifestyle and their current vehicle. Similarly to Zap Map, the app shows drivers where their nearest charge points are. Once you’ve chosen an EV, you’re able to view which journeys can be completed without the need to top up on route.

The app calculates how much money UK drivers could save by switching to an electric vehicle, compared to their current conventional vehicle. Alongside this, you’ll be able to see the benefits of driving your individual EV, including air quality improvements.

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said, “as we look forward to COP26 and beyond, our vision is that the UK is at the forefront of the zero emission transport future.”

If I lease an electric car, can I charge it at home?

If you’re looking to buy or lease an electric car you might be worried about the accessibility of charge points and the cost of having one installed. Thankfully the government is keen to support the advance of electric vehicles even further. 

The zero emission vehicle market is accelerating quickly throughout the UK. Therefore the government is offering more support to EV drivers with an extension to their £50 million fund. This is being used to support those who drive electric vehicles by funding up to 75% of the cost of installing charge points at home. Additionally, there is financial support in place for employers who wish to make their workplaces more EV friendly.

Last week a huge announcement was made mapping out the plans for charge points to be installed in all new homes and offices built from 2022. Yep you heard that right! As of next year ALL new homes and offices will have EV charge points installed.

This is bound to make electric vehicles even more attractive. I mean, if you’re living in a house with an EV charge point, why wouldn’t you drive electric?! 

Is anyone against electric vehicles?

The future of motoring lies with zero emission vehicles, whether that be electric or hydrogen vehicles. Governments across the globe are coming together to enforce positive policies and infrastructure. For the most part, a large majority of communities, and their leaders, mutually support the advance of electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of companies who refuse to get onboard, and have actually taken it a step further. Breaking news from Sky News last week detailed how five energy companies are suing governments across the globe for more than £13bn.

The companies, including British energy companies Rockhopper and Ascent, are claiming that government action against climate change has threatened their profits.

German company RWE stated that they are not suing their government for its decision to phase out coal. Instead the company suggests that “the law does not provide for the resulting disruption to the property of affected companies. We do not consider this right.”

All five companies state that they are not against the use of greener technology. However, it is very interesting to see how the rapid acceleration of this technology is making the fuel firms sweat under pressure. Especially as these are supported by governments around the world.

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* All information correct as of 23/09/2021.

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