Autumn staycation road trips perfect for when you rent an electric car!

Rent an electric car - Jaguar I-Pace

Staycations aren’t just for summer! The UK is home to so many picturesque staycation spots that are perfect for last minute road trips. What better way to travel, than to travel via an electric vehicle (EV)?! Here are our top UK staycation spots that are perfect for when you rent an electric car. 

Top tip: Be sure to check out Zap Map to plan your road trip to find suitable EV charging points on route!

1. North Coast 500

Starting right at the very top, why not take a fantastic drive through the Scottish scenery? 

The North Coast 500 (NC500), often referred to as the British Route 66, brings together a route of 516 miles of stunning coastal scenery.

Beginning at Inverness Castle, you can take a drive around the breathtakingly beautiful  Highlands of Scotland. Whilst the NC500 is a magical experience in itself, you’ll also find plenty of other adventures to be had along the way. 

There are lots of different routes available, depending on what you’d like to see along the way. Perhaps you fancy exploring the Black Isle region which is famous for its rich farmland – and great food and drink! 

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Otherwise, you could take a romantic drive through Easter Ross, a collection of seaboard villages. Not only are there some beautiful landscapes to be seen, but there are also three malt whisky distilleries to visit and experience.

When traveling with an electric vehicle, it can sometimes be nerve wracking making long journeys. We’d recommend hiring an electric vehicle with plenty of range – especially as the remote Highlands of Scotland could prove limited for EV charging points!

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range would be the perfect option for this road trip as it comes with 320 miles of range. This means you would only need to top up once throughout your whole adventure. Plus, we know the perfect spot for when you do need to!

Old Drynie House B&B is the ideal place to stop to get some sleep and recharge. All guests are able to charge their EVs for FREE whilst staying at the B&B. They also serve up a really great traditional Highland breakfast!

2. The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast stretches for 95 miles in south west England. Starting in Exmouth, this really is one of the most strikingly scenic road trips in the UK. Plus, there’s a ton of history – if you’re interested.

The Jurassic Coast is England’s only natural World Heritage Site, which preserves 185 million years of history. While there you can go fossil hunting, explore museums or simply take in the stunning scenery on a good walk.  

Another bonus is there are plenty of places to ‘refuel’ when necessary. But with a minimal 95 mile drive, you should be able to take your choice of electric vehicle without any worry.  This is the perfect destination for those who have young families who love to explore, so we would recommend two of our family favourites

First is the Kia e-Niro which has a brilliant range, especially for its size, of 250 miles. It has an exceptional amount of boot space, a stylish interior and a great level of fun tech to keep the kids entertained! 

Alternatively, you could opt for the magnificent  Volkswagen ID.4 which has a similar range to the Kia e-Niro and comes complete with fab comfort levels. It also encompasses some great safety features, including lane-keeping steering assist, blind-spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

3. Snowdonia 

Covering over 2,000km, the Snowdonia National Park includes pristine forests, lakes and Wales’ highest mountain. You could choose to take a circular route, exploring all Snowdonia has to offer.

Starting in Caernarfon, travelling all the way up to Conwy and back down again to Portmeirion. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could choose to climb to the peak of Snowdon and show off to your mates later (or you can get the train!)

Remember to take off any moody boots, to avoid ruining the crisp, luxurious interior of our electric vehicles. Alternatively, protect the vehicle’s interior with car mats from Autocovers. 

This route is only 85 miles, so again perfect for any rented EV! Especially if you choose to rent an electric car through EVision Electric Vehicles! All customers who rent an electric car are able to travel up to 150 miles a day without any added charges.

Which EVs should I choose?

At that rate, you could do the whole journey nearly twice over in a single day! For Wales, we recommend something that is comfy, but also a bit bulkier. It’s quite likely that you may not be met with the warmest weather, so our two options are the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi e-tron.

The I-Pace is one of our most popular EVs. It has 210 miles of range, can reach 60mph in just 4.5 seconds and charges pretty quickly! When traveling with an EV, you’ll most likely be using rapid chargers on the go, which give out usually 50Kw of electricity. At this rate the Jaguar will be fully charged in just over an hour – just enough time for you to squeeze in a castle tour!

Whereas, the Audi e-tron has a smaller range of 190 miles (not that you’ll need it), but it looks and feels amazing. The e-tron was also the first electric car to be presented the Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), making it a really sensible choice for long road trips.

Of course, it’s still an Audi. Meaning it’s packed with characteristically aggressive styling, a luxurious interior and brilliant technology.

Rent an electric car at EVision
Rent an electric car at EVision

What’s included when you rent an electric car from EVision?

If you want to rent an electric car, we have so much to offer you! Not only do we have over 300 electric vehicles for you to choose from, but we also have some brilliant benefits.

Whenever you rent an electric car from EVision you also receive free breakdown cover, maintenance, servicing and tyre wear included in your hire. You can also benefit from:

  • 150 miles per day OR 10,000 miles pro rata
  • Free charge point for long term hires of over 12 months
  • Free charging cables for all hires

For more information on any of our electric vehicles, please give us a call on 01634 914 063 or email us at

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