Should businesses be considering electric company cars?

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Not too long ago, driving an electric car would be a rarity. However, now electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming incredibly popular. So much so, many companies are considering switching to electric company cars.

Read on to discover why all-electric company cars might be a good choice for business and could bring a range of benefits.

The customer’s opinion counts!

Today’s customers are increasingly aware of the climate situation across the globe, a large part of which is caused by gas-powered transportation. Some people are likely to buy from companies who align with their personal environmental values. 

While many consumers may not appear to have prevalent opinions on our environmental issues, they are likely to shop at your company if you’re going above and beyond your competitors. 

Think about it this way, if Tesco began donating a percentage of their sales to local charities in need – I can imagine their sales would increase too. That’s not because their products have changed. Neither is it because their clientele is regularly donating to local causes.

Sales are likely to increase because their competitors offer the same products but with an added bonus.

Save your pennies too!

One of the biggest benefits to businesses is the huge savings that come with electric motoring! While brand new electric cars can have quite a hefty price tag, you’ll certainly save money on running and maintenance costs. 

If you’re running a company with lots of company cars then this can really add up! Statistics show that on average you can save 11p per mile when driving an electric car compared to a conventional gas-powered car.  

For an average British driver who logs roughly 7,600 miles a year, this can equal to around £850 per year in savings. That’s a lot of money if you have 10 company cars! Of course, this will differ depending on which electric car you choose and your electricity tariff.

However, many businesses with electric company cars take advantage of off-peak electricity charges. These make running an electric car even more affordable.

Hiring vs Buying

While we’re talking about how much an electric car will cost you, let’s have a look at whether you’d be better off leasing or buying.

Let’s be honest, despite their low maintenance costs electric cars can be pretty pricey to buy outright. Plus, any vehicle you choose to purchase will decrease in value as soon as it hits the road. Stats from the Retail Motor Industry Federation show that on average new cars can drop anywhere between 15 – 30% in value as soon as it’s off the forecourt. 

With that in mind, is it actually more financially viable to lease an electric vehicle? We suppose that depends what you’re looking for exactly, but leasing does have some huge benefits!

Leasing a car is similar to leasing a property. You pay a deposit and then agree a set monthly payment with your leasing company. When the contract comes to an end, you will not own the vehicle. However, there’s always plenty of chances to extend your leasing term or exchange for a brand new model.

Probably the biggest benefit that comes with leasing is the choice! This is especially true if you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle on a budget. Choosing to lease an electric car allows you to have all the choice of brand new models, without the high price tags.


Many businesses, and employees, were initially sceptical about electric cars due to concerns over charging and range anxiety. However, these worries seem to have almost vanished.

As technology is improving, many EV manufacturers are developing vehicles with much larger ranges. This means electric vehicles are able to travel further without needing to be charged. Alongside this, electric vehicle chargers are popping up everywhere!

There are now over 25,000 public electric vehicle charging points across the UK. This means EV drivers are never more than 25 miles away from a public charger should they need to top up their vehicle. 

Top tip: If you are planning a long journey in an electric vehicle, make sure you check our ZapMap! You can download their handy app to see all the chargers available in the local areas. This means you can plan your route with added charging stops when necessary.

EVision leasing deals for company cars

We have lots of different all-electric alternatives for those looking to swap out their gas-powered vehicles for electric company cars! Our most popular model by miles is the BMW i3! It’s iconic looks, fantastic range and high tech make it a perfect option for businesses that use their company cars every day.

Alternatively, we have just added some brilliant electric vans to our EVision fleet! Currently we have the Vauxhall Vivaro-e and the Renault Kangoo available to hire. Both have great leasing deals at only £13.81 and £19.53 a day* respectively.

To take advantage of our best company car deals, we would recommend contacting our team of friendly EV experts! You can give them a call on 01634 914 063, drop them an email at or take a look at all of our available EVs here.

* All prices based on a three year rental.

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