Everton dynamo Izzy Christiansen makes the switch!

Everton dynamo Izzy Christiansen pictured with BMW i3 electric car provided by EVision

Everton dynamo Izzy Christiansen is a Royal Blue favourite but the England international has now gone green!


If you’re an Everton ladies football fan, please don’t fret! Dynamo Izzy Christiansen has only made the switch to go green, off the pitch!

The very talented Everton International, midfield dynamo Izzy, is still loyal to the Royal Blues. She’s just decided to upgrade her company car and make the switch to driving electric. 

Pleased to be driving electric and adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, Izzy commented,

“Being able to make a small contribution to environmental change as a professional footballer is rewarding for me away from the pitch. I believe we as footballers have a wonderful capacity to ignite change; whether that be social or environmental.”

Everton dynamo Izzy Christiansen pictured with BMW i3 electric car provided by EVision

Izzy is benefiting from an EVision BMW i3 lease deal, which is financed as part of a sponsorship partnership, courtesy of Mirabelle Marketing Agency. 

Speaking of the sponsorship Mirabelle commented;

“As an agency, Mirabelle has always been a melting pot of diversity. Utilising local talent we have been enduringly conscious to serve the community.

Mirabelle, has always promoted the ethos of equality, with both race and gender. As avid fans of sport, particularly football, Mirabelle are proud to announce that we have partnered with Izzy Christensen. The midfielder at Everton Women’s Football Club. Alongside Izzy, we aim to encourage all women in sport.


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