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The latest EV news comes from the German car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. Not only did we see them emerge with their first fully electric car back in 2019, they are also making a comeback with brand new electric cars. The Mercedes EQS is a car we can’t wait to see the full reveal of. Find out more about the information that has been released. 


The big brand Mercedes was originally founded in 1926 by Carl Friedrich Benz. Since operation began the automobile market has seen the introduction of the Mercedes 770, which was popular during the war. It was also driven by Adolf Hitler himself, with the addition of bulletproof windshields!

After the 770 model, the German company practically stopped producing cars, to focus purely on the war, and transport that would be beneficial. 

It wasn’t until 1936 when the world’s first diesel production car, the 260D was produced. We have then seen the likes of popular models including the S class, C Class, SLK and recently the A class, which is a sought-after contemporary Mercedes model. 

Mercedes joined the electric vehicle market in early 2019, when the release of their first fully electric car emerged, the Mercedes EQC. Since then, we are also expecting to see the EQA, EQV and the latest design, the EQS.


Futuristic is definitely a word that comes to mind when we picture the Mercedes EQS. Some have even compared the interior to a spaceship. Is the Mercedes EQS, the car of all electric cars? Find out what is on offer…


Before the full reveal on 15th April, interior images have recently been published so we know what to expect. The Mercedes EQS has been designed with a hyper screen system. Essentially this is made up of a very large screen that stretches the entire length of the cabin. Within that are three screens. One in view of the driver, an infotainment screen and an additional third screen on the passenger’s side.  The hyper screen is an optional extra, but it has not been confirmed how much this will likely cost. Standard models will be fitted out with a central touchscreen infotainment screen, still giving off the WOW factor to a certain degree.

Mercedes has also packed out the EQS with a 15 speaker surround sound system, the option of various steering wheel designs and ambient lighting. 

It has been announced that infotainment screens will be attached to the back of the front seat headrests, for passengers to control the stereo and adjust the climate control. We know that this may be a feature to avoid for some drivers that enjoy being completely in control when they are driving, but it sounds like a fantastic idea to have in a car!

What else do you need to know about the Mercedes EQS?

The initial details that have already been announced include a 108kWh battery, that is capable of doing 435 miles on a full battery. As usual, it’s important to note that this figure is the WLTP (World harmonized Light-duty vehicles Test Procedure) range. This is often difficult to achieve in real-world conditions for most people. 

Mercedes have said that drivers will be able to charge up their battery from empty to 80% in less than 20 minutes. That figure certainly gives big name manufacturers such as Audi and Porsche a run for their money!

It is also expected to be released at a four wheel drive, with an electric motor at the front and the back. Quite rightly so, with an expected acceleration of 0 – 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, that’s pretty quick!

How does it compare to other electric cars?

Here at EVision we think the new Mercedes EQS is going to be in competition with the likes of the Porsche Taycan. They have a similar battery size, and the overall style of the car is comparable. It may also compete with the Audi e-tron and the Tesla Model S. We can’t wait to see how it shapes up in the full reveal on 15th April!


Would you like to see the brand new Mercedes EQS available to hire from EVision? We certainly see it being a car to experience, so watch this space. However, until then we have plenty of other electric vehicles available to hire including the Tesla range, the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 and even the classic BMW i3 and Renault ZOE. View the full list of EVS here.

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