Why should you hire a Volkswagen ID.4?

Hire a Volkswagen ID.4

Will 2021 be the year you decide to make the switch to an electric car? We understand that this is a huge step into the unknown for most drivers, however the option to hire would be perfect to get a feel for new EVs on the market. Would you hire a Volkswagen ID.4? 

Let’s take a look at the latest release from Volkswagen, and why it could be the perfect car for you…


Volkswagen was originally set up in 1937 by German Labour Front and at the request of Adolf Hitler. The company was created with an aim to manufacture affordable yet speedy vehicles. Volkswagen also translates as the “people’s car”, so their aim was very clear from the beginning.

Today Volkswagen Group UK is the country’s largest importer of vehicles, employing over 1,800 people nationwide. Volkswagen are also selling their vehicles in 153 different countries.

Their main goal now is to make and sell at least 28 million electric cars before 2028. In line with the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles that begins from 2030 set out by the government. 

Volkswagen is becoming a very popular manufacturer of cars in general, not to mention the latest and upcoming EVs. Let’s take a look at the newest addition that will be released in the UK very soon, the Volkswagen ID.4.


The Volkswagen ID.4 isn’t the first pure electric car from the German manufacturer. EV enthusiasts saw the VW ID.3 hit the market in late 2020. The Volkswagen ID.4 offers the perfect amount of luxury coming in just above the Kia e-Niro and is a cheaper alternative in comparison to the Audi e-tron. What else can we expect to see from the newest SUV available?


The modern interior is sure to wow anyone. A minimalist design is also continued in line with the exterior of the EV. Drivers won’t even find a gear stick at all. Parallel to the BMW i3, drivers can change driving modes by twisting a knob, which is located near the driver’s 5.3 inch display screen.

Physical buttons will be a thing of the past in the ID.4, with most of the controls confined to the 10” infotainment system. However, whilst driving this isn’t exactly convenient. Luckily, like the ID.3, the ID.4 will also support a voice control feature.

The Volkswagen ID.4 will also include the IQ Drive suite as standard, which is also known as the driver-assistance package. This will incorporate the following features:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Cruise control
  • Lane-keeping steering assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring 
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Park distance control 
  • Automatic high beams

If you hire a Volkswagen ID.4, it will have 534 litres of space on offer. With ample storage space in the boot, and through the EV, passengers will have no issues when they can eventually go on road trips and holidays!


Similar in dimensions to the Volkswagen Tiguan but takes on a much more rounded design. The use of slim LED headlights really add to the minimalist design, but we absolutely love it. They are connected by an LED light bar that stretches the whole length of the bonnet, how sleek!

At the rear of the car, Volkswagen have included a similar LED feature on the back to mirror the front. 

It is said to rival the new BMW iX3 and even the Tesla Model Y. What do you think?


The first Volkswagen ID.4 will be manufactured with a single motor, making it a rear wheel drive. It will however deliver 201 horsepower and 228 pound-feet of torque. Like any new EVs, Volkswagen is also looking to release a dual motor model later this year, or early next year to join the line up.

This particular EV with 20-inch wheels and low-profile tyres, will provide the driver with a 0 – 60mph in 8.5 seconds. With a max speed of 99mph, you’ll be in for a comfortable and smooth ride ahead.


If you hire a Volkswagen ID.4, you’ll benefit from getting at least 200 extra miles when you charge up in just 30 minutes. Due to the EV supporting 125kW fast charging, there will be no more waiting around.

At present, Volkswagen is releasing the ID.4 with a 77kWh lithium ion battery. Other EVs that also have this same battery size include the Tesla Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf. Volkswagen has said to be producing an ID.4 with a larger battery, so stay tuned!


The Volkswagen ID.4 is the next big release for the German company, and who wouldn’t want to drive it?

Our customers can hire a Volkswagen ID.4 at EVision Electric Vehicles from as little as £33.46 + VAT a day, when you take out a 3 year rental.

Competitive prices aren’t the only thing our customers benefit from. Anyone hiring from us will receiving the following:

  • Free charging point provided for any hires over 1 year
  • 10,000 miles per annum for hires over  months, otherwise customers will be allowed to drive up to 150 miles a day
  • Free EV care including full maintenance and service costs
  • If you sign up to be an EVision account customer, we will not asking for a deposit upfront

If you want to experience Volkswagen, but the ID.4 is just a bit too big for you to drive, you can also hire a Volkswagen ID.3 instead.

Book your EV hire on our website today. Alternatively give our sales team a call on 01634 914063.

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