Essex Host To UK’s First All-Electric Forecourt

Essex Electric Forecourt

The UK’s first all-electric forecourt has officially opened in Braintree, Essex and we couldn’t be happier! We were hoping of course that the forecourt would open in our home county of Kent, but being next door is just as good. It’s a start! That’s what is important here, a start to a better UK, a greener UK. A healthier environment for generations to come, focusing on solar energy rather than burning ghastly fossil fuels. 


We cannot believe the UK’s first all-electric forecourt is pretty much on our doorstep. Being in the South, the all-electric forecourt located in Essex, makes it convenient for electric vehicle drivers to access. It’s conveniently located near to London, and not far from Kent or Cambridge. 

The Essex forecourt is one of a hundred forecourts, as plans are in place to open further all-electric forecourts at other UK locations within the next five years. 

The sites are being developed by Gridserve, a company that provides pioneering sustainable energy solutions.  


Chargers are located underneath the fully solar powered canopy. In addition a network of nearby hybrid solar farms (a whopping 60 acres worth) are nearby providing further power. As well as a 6MWh battery on site, all ensuring the power generated is completely renewable. 

An impressive 36 cars can be charged using the Gridserve all-electric forecourt. All on rapid chargers too! 

Whilst charging your EV at this new incredible facility, you can buy yourself a book from WH Smith’s and enjoy a lovely coffee at Costa. Yes everything to do with complete relaxation has been thought of. Alternatively, it’s a great place to carry out business meetings, just as soon as Covid-19 settles of course!


Well for a start, there is no worrying about whether you will be able to charge. With 36 chargers, there is ample capacity. 

It’s easy to park in the large bays, you simply drive down the center and pull over to the left or the right to park up and plug in. It really is quite an effortless process. 

Then you can either sit back and relax in your car, perhaps reading the day’s newspaper. Alternatively you can stretch your legs, wander around the site, walk on the grass or sit at a picnic bench and get yourself some fresh air.

Fancy a refreshment whilst you’re charging? You can pop to the nearby Costa or grab some tasty sweets from the WH Smith store.

There is also a handy post office on site, perfect for sending letters and parcels, or getting some cashback. 


What’s impressive about this brand new all-electric forecourt is that it can charge around 5,000 electric vehicles per year. 

There are a wide range of chargers available. There are 7kW, which can be used if you’re going to be on the site for a long time. There’s 22Kw for EVs such as a Renault ZOE. Tesla Superchargers are also available, which go up to 250kW. In addition, there are banks of 90kW chargers. Alternatively, if your EV can manage it, there are 350kW chargers, perfect for something such as the Porsche Taycan. 

This forecourt is all about future proofing for many years to come. What’s incredible about this forecourt, located in Essex, is that there isn’t an EV that cannot charge. Literally there is a charger suitable for every vehicle. Both Chademo and CCS chargers are made available at this forecourt also. 

Payment wise, you can use contactless card payment or RFID. You can charge with Gridserve at their new forecourt for just 24p/kWh.


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