What are the pros and cons of electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles - pros and cons

Electric vehicles have had a huge impact on some individuals that have already embraced the electric life. Yet, since they have been introduced, the EV world is still battling people who are completely anti-EVs. Whilst we can agree that they are still constantly evolving, there are plenty of positives that you could benefit from. Are you one of many that are still not at the stage where you could ditch your internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle for an EV? We’ve put together our pros and cons of electric vehicles, and why you should be looking to make the switch in the next few years. 


The advantages of owning or hiring electric vehicles arguably outweigh the cons. Most individuals won’t be aware of some of the savings that could be made, so we hope we can help with our handy guide.

Zero emissions

Of course, many people already know about electric vehicles and how they emit zero emissions when in use. Air pollution currently kills an estimated seven million people a year, according to the World Health Organization. That’s a huge amount of people, especially for something that could be significantly changed, just by switching to electric transport. In the last couple of weeks a giant clock display has been featured on the side of a building in New York. Displaying that we have just over 7 years to act before irreversible damage is done to our planet. How scary!

Paying for electric is cheaper than fuel

Have you ever queued up at a petrol station and filled the fuel tank right to the top, and then realised how expensive it is? Driving an electric car will cost considerably less to fill up ‘fuel’. 

When you need to charge your EV you will have a few options available:

Charging at home

If you have a long term rental of an electric vehicle from EVision, you will receive a wallbox charge point for your home or even a workplace. Which makes it convenient for charging, as you can charge whilst you work or even sleep.

Public charge points Zap Map

Most shopping centres and supermarkets have now been fitted with charging points. Each charge point is different but the majority of them are free of charge to use if you are shopping there. There are also various charge point manufacturers including Ecotricity, Pod Point or Polar, just to name a few. Each charge point will have a different way of paying. Whether that be through an app, using a RIFD card or even paying contactless via your credit or debit card. Some of these chargers will charge an initial connection fee, but we would always suggest checking before you visit. We would highly recommend the Zap Map app!

Maintenance costs are considerably cheaper

When you think about how much maintenance is required on an ICE car, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you have to actually pay out for when you own an EV. Electric vehicles do not have as many moving parts, considering they don’t even have an engine. When you buy or hire an electric car, you wont need to worry about:

  • Oil changes
  • Spark plugs
  • Brakes – Most EV owners will drive more economically to save range
  • Therefore the wear on brakes will be dramatically less
  • Tyres (this is an added extra when you hire from EVision!)
  • MOT and servicing costs (Also another additional bonus, provided by EVision).

They are quiet

If you live near a main road, you’ll understand how loud conventional cars actually are. You’ll appreciate EVs even more if this is you. Apart from the sound of the tyres on the road, and a low hum of the vehicle, there is minimal noise! 

You’ll make huge tax savings

If you’re looking to upgrade your company car to an electric vehicle, you’re in luck. Not only will you get cheap lease deals from EVision, you’ll also save money when it comes to tax. Currently, Benefit in Kind tax went from 16% to 0% for electric vehicles in April 2020. Rising to 1% in 2021, and 2% in 2022 you’ll still be making a massive saving when you switch to electric. Want to find out more? Find out how you can benefit from Benefit in Kind.


Now we all know that we are still in the early stages of electric vehicles. Due to the lack of understanding, a lot of people aren’t willing to completely commit to electric vehicles. Unfortunately there are some disadvantages of using an EV but in time this will turn to advantages.

Range of electric vehicles

Teslas are one of the most well known manufacturers of electric vehicles. Most individuals will know that they have a large mileage range. However, we understand that not everyone is able to afford a Tesla, whether that is hiring or buying.

Recharging your vehicle

Electric vehicle charging

The time it takes to recharge an electric car can vary depending on the type of charger. Tesla’s benefit from supercharging, which will charge the vehicle up reasonably quicker than standard charge points. Although, in comparison to filling up a conventional vehicle with fuel it will take considerably longer. This could be considered as a disadvantage, however if the driver is using charging to their advantage this could easily be ruled out. 

Most vehicle ranges are enough for a daily commute, and popping into town, unless you are racking up miles on long journeys. If the vehicle is charged up overnight whilst you sleep it will eliminate the amount of time it takes if you were to wait for it to charge up.

Another common situation is a road trip. Of course every car will have to stop and fill up at some point. It is also guaranteed that passengers will need to take a break and stretch their legs, and get something to eat and drink etc. This is an opportunistic moment to charge your vehicle at a charging station.

Charging availability

Do you live in remote parts of Wales or Scotland? You might have an issue finding local charging stations. It may not be the right time to make the switch if you live in a secluded location, however charge points are always evolving and increasing in parts of the UK so charging availability will increase. Electric vehicles are still a relatively new concept, and charging availability will come with time. 


Don’t let COVID stop you from hiring electric vehicles. Despite being in a global pandemic, we are still safely organising hires for our customers. If you’re looking to hire an electric car then rest assured that we will be undergoing the following safety procedures:


We have a secure online payment system on our website that will allow hirers to select their chosen EV, and pay online for the hire. We are also advising anyone who would like to book to opt for bank transfers, or contactless payments to avoid any unnecessary contact with our staff.


We have put in place extra cleaning measures to ensure all of our cars are clean before they are handed over. We will clean and sanitise all common touch points in the vehicles, prior to anyone entering the vehicle.


We are also offering a delivery service for our customers. If you still need to make essential journeys to work, but you’re worried about using public transport, then a hire car is the perfect solution. For an additional cost we can deliver the car to you, and provide a handover at a safe distance. 

Health and safety is at the forefront of our mind, and we aim to still provide the best customer service possible. All of our COVID-19 procedures can be found on our website.


Here at EVision, we have a range of electric vehicles readily available. Whether you want to try out an EV for a couple of days on a short term hire, or you’re looking for a long term rental, we can accommodate your needs. When you hire from EVision, you will benefit from:

  • Free Supercharging when you hire a Tesla
  • 150 mile usage per day and 10,000 miles per annum for long term hires
  • Full maintenance and service costs included, including tyre wear
  • Free collection from our 4 UK collection points or delivery can be arranged for an additional cost

Contact the team today on: 01634 914063 or email: mail@evisionevs.co.uk. Alternatively, hires can be booked and paid for on our website.

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