The Tesla Model 3 compared to the Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Electric Vehicle

Hello and welcome to another EVision blog post. This week we look at the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y, and we compare these EVs against one another.


Design Similarities

The Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y share about 75% of the same parts according to Chief Designer at Tesla, Franz von Holzhausen. In addition, the design of both models is practically the same. Just look at the front of both the Model 3 and the Model Y, they are incredibly similar in design.

The handles are also the same, with the push out style. 

Design Differences

You will notice though that the Model Y is about an inch taller off the ground, which gives a lot more ground clearance. The Model Y is about 2 inches longer and 3 inches wider than its Tesla Model 3 counterpart. You tend to see a much bigger difference in design when you look at the height of the cars. The Tesla Model Y is much higher, giving a nicer and roomier feel inside. This is a plus if you enjoy more head room. It also gives much more back storage room for those extra shopping bags or golf clubs.

The Tesla Model Y does have a glass roof meaning that when sitting in the back, you have a beautiful panoramic view of the scenery in front of you and above you. 

Frunk Comparison

The frunk in the Tesla Model 3 is a very good size but it is a little shallow compared to the Model Y. The Model 3 frunk does however include little clips for hanging grocery bags which is a lovely little feature.

The Rear

The rear of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y is pretty much identical. With the Model Y the boot lifts automatically whereas this feature does not come as standard with the Model 3. You can however add it. 

The Model 3 boot space is 1,235 litres with the seats down. The Model Y however has copious amounts of space with extra hidden boot space underneath the main boot floor, which the Model 3 does not.

The Interior

The interior of the Model Y is practically identical to the Model 3 with everything being controlled from the main screen. One upgrade you will find with the Model Y is that there is a hidden wireless charging pad.

When it comes to the screen inside both cars, you get exactly the same features. The control panel tells you where Tesla charging stations are located on both Teslas. You control the wipers, the door open or lock function, the radio, charging, heated seats, literally everything from the control panel and there is no difference in this for either car. 



A Tesla Model 3 starts from £42,500. Whereas a Tesla Model Y when they hit the UK will cost around £50,000 for the basic model. 


Range is a big thing for anyone choosing an EV as their next car.

A Tesla Model 3 standard will come with a range of around 220 miles. Whereas something like the Tesla Model 3D Long Range 4×4 will give a range of around 320 miles. Pretty impressive right?

The Tesla Model Y standard will give a range of around 242 miles. A long range will give around 315 miles. 

Pretty on par with one another when looking at range only.


Both the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y come with Sentry Mode. There is no difference between the two EVs when it comes to Sentry Mode. 

What is Sentry Mode? For those of you who do not yet know, Sentry Mode is a Tesla security feature. It’s pretty neat actually. It uses all eight cameras of the car along with the ultrasonic sensors to detect if someone is trying to break in. The footage starts recording as soon as it notices something out of the ordinary and it saves this footage to a local USB drive that you plug in to the center console. 

When a Sentry Mode alert occurs you will receive a notification. It will appear on the control screen of the car. You can then watch the most recent event directly using the Tesla control screen. You also click on the control panel to see the different angles providing even further information as to what has happened. 


These two cars are so similar that you will find the differences are very minimal. The driving experience and overall feel of the car are pretty much exactly the same. 

The only differences are that the Model Y is slightly larger than the Model 3, providing more space. If you are a person who rarely has anyone else in the car with you, then the Model 3 is more than sufficient. If however you’re looking for more of a family car, then go for the Model Y. 


At EVision, the Tesla Model 3 is available in the Standard, Long Range 4×4 and Performance Long Range 4×4. 

Sadly we are still waiting to receive our Tesla Model Y, however it is on order and you can enquire about this vehicle and be placed on a waiting list to be one of the very first people to experience it. Simply email us at 

You can hire either vehicle by the day, week, month, year or much longer. We have special rates for the longer the rental period. 

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