Why rent an electric car?

Electric car- Kia EV6

As we enter the brand new decade of motoring, we’re living in an age where the battery electric vehicle (or BEV for short) is starting to become more mainstream. Thanks to Tesla and its tireless efforts over previous years. The appeal of EVs has expanded rapidly to motorists across the UK. They are no longer considered ‘different’ or ‘quirky’. In fact, they are becoming a regular site on the road. Based on their impressive performance (and stylish looks), EVs have become both attractive and coveted. However if you are still sceptical EVisions services to rent an electric car is the ideal solution to try one.

Tesla as a whole has largely contributed to normalising EVs in popular culture. The push to introduce EVs with ranges not too far from equivalent Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles has certainly helped. In addition, Tesla’s Supercharger network has made charging up your EV almost as easy as ‘filling up’. 

In recent years, solid efforts from the likes of Audi, Jaguar and Porsche have also helped persuade luxury brand loyalists to make the switch. Kudos to some of the original manufacturers for stepping up and beginning the transition (albeit slowly) to an electric future. 

Appeal of renting an electric car: They’re super cheap to run

This is perhaps one of the most alluring electric car benefits that convert drivers. Fuel prices regularly fluctuate across the UK and can be very pricey. Electricity, however, is typically cheap universally when using it as a mode of powering your car. It’s not hard to imagine how substantial the savings can be when driving electric. Don’t forget that when you rent an electric car from EVision you will get FREE Tesla Supercharging for the duration of the hire with any Tesla. As well as with any long term hire of 12 months or more we will install a FREE home charger at your place of residence or work.

It’s not just an EV’s “juice” that works out to be easier on the wallet. General servicing and maintenance is also a lot cheaper. This is due to having far fewer moving parts under the hood. Which means no oil changes and no rusting exhaust pipes – the list goes on. Besides general wear-and-tear, the running costs are significantly lower, no matter what EV you choose. A perk when opting to rent an electric car from EVision is that you will benefit from having no maintenance costs. This is all covered by us. 

Appeal of renting an electric car: Instant torque whenever you want

Not so long ago, the stereotype of an electric car was that it was slow. Somewhat comparable to a golf cart, funnily enough. Looking at current available EVs and technology, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If truth be told, modern EVs are often much quicker than their standard ICE counterpart. Take the Jaguar I-Pace, for example. With a 0-60MPH time of 4.5 seconds, it actually puts many supercars to shame. The I-Paces ICE competitor the F-Pace is lucky to crack 60MPH in under 8.1 seconds.

It’s not just outright acceleration, either; electric motors provide instant torque as soon as you want it. In a conventional ICE car, you need to wait for the engine to shift into the right gear to achieve maximum speed. In contrast, when driving an EV it is, push the pedal and go. Even more modest electric vehicles such as the BMW i3 and Renault ZOE can feel incredibly zippy.

Hesitation to rent an electric car: Charging infrastructure  

With the dramatic shift underway to driving electric the core worry from drivers is the charging infrastructure. The concern about the lack of chargers is nothing but a myth. While petrol stations have been around for decades upon decades, charging stations and hubs are still relatively new to the scene, yet they continue popping up everyday. In fact, the UK has more EV charging stations than petrol stations! Now, who says electric cars aren’t the way forward? The good news doesn’t end there either, the amount of charging stations will continue to grow rapidly over the coming years. 

Hesitation to rent an electric car: Range anxiety

While EV battery technology continues to improve and driving range continues to increase, many worry about the mile range. Yes, for some this can be a concern when looking at the physicality of charging for longer, cross-country trips (as example). However this can all be combated by planning your route and charging along the journey. For long trips, drivers will be reliant on charging stations for top-ups. That in and of itself isn’t bad either as you’re likely going to want a rest after 200-300 miles of driving! 

To counteract this when you rent an electric car from EVision we aim to cater to your travel needs. If you are looking at driving long distance we are sure to recommend the best long range EVs that we have to offer, to make your journey a breeze. Certainly when considering some of Tesla’s models can offer driving ranges up to 330 miles (Tesla Model S 100D). 


Charging networks will continue to rapidly expand and grow over time. Ever-improving battery technology will also help make driving long distances even easier than before. Meanwhile, EVs can offer significant savings as well as being super-fun to drive. It’s not just the torque and crazy acceleration. The overall transition to electric is coming and it’s coming fast.

A brief run down as to why you should rent an electric car from EVision:

  • Cheaper to ‘fill up’
  • Able to recharge at home 
  • No maintenance or service costs, including tyre wear
  • No need to worry about the depreciation value of the car
  • No London Congestion Charge or ULEZ Charge
  • You aren’t tied to a long term leasing contract
  • No Benefit-in-Kind Tax
  • No tailpipe emissions
  • Quieter drive
  • Instant torque when pulling away

Now, you are thinking about the possibility to rent an electric car, why not use it as a company car too?

Due to recent changes to the Benefit in Kind Tax on company cars, you will receive huge savings when driving an electric company car. This is due to electric company cars being exempt from company car tax as of April 6th, 2020. Find out more information by watching the video below. 

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