Could this be the future of EV rentals?

EV rentals

Future EV rentals could soon be changed due to the demand in larger SUV vehicles. Looking at trends the global SUV boom sees automotive manufactures follow demand. 

This desire for bigger and better EV’s could soon see the standard sedan and smaller vehicles disappear. Here at EVision a large portion of our EV rentals consist of these ‘smaller’ vehicles. So, what can we expect to see with the future of our EV rentals?

What might the future of EV rentals look like?

It is known that there are now 7 upcoming electric pickup trucks just like the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T. Let’s see how they all compare. We have previously mentioned the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T in previous blogs. Little did we know that many other manufactures would follow suit in designing large SUV vehicles. 

Tesla’s Cybertruck isn’t the only electric pickup truck that’s set to be unleashed on the market in the upcoming years. In fact, there are six other automakers, all competing to be the best electric pickup truck on the market. 

The other 6 electric pickup trucks on the horizon consist of: Nikola’s Badger, Bollinger’s B2, Lordstown Motor’s Endurance, Ford’s electric F-150, GMC’s Hummer EV, and Rivian’s R1T. All of the vehicles have varying specifications and prices.

Bollinger Motors announced it’s fully-electric SUV “B1” and pickup truck “B2” in October 2019. While Lordstown Motors unveiled its pickup truck Endurance in January 2020. 

Ford announced an electric version of the popular F-150 but hasn’t released any specifications yet. GMC also announced an electric version of their iconic Hummer in January 2020. Ford-backed automotive brand, Rivian is also releasing its electric pickup truck, the R1T.

Future EV rentals – Pickup truck – Range

Based on first impressions, Nikola’s Badger pickup truck seems to offer the best range at 600 miles using its fuel cell (FCEV) – hydrogen and battery power sources.

Without its FCEV hydrogen power source, the Badger has a range of roughly 300 miles.  This is more than Lordstown Motor’s Endurance at 250 miles. Automotive manufacturer Rivian estimates that the smallest R1T battery variant will offer 230 mile range. While the most powerful battery option of the R1T will give up to 400 miles of range. Similar to Rivian, Tesla’s Cybertruck also has a wide mile range depending on the motor. The single-motor variant offers a range of 250 miles, the dual-motor 300 miles, and the tri-motor 500 miles. As of yet GMC has not released the mile range for their electric Hummer.

Future EV rentals – Pickup truck – Top speed

The Tesla Cybertruck takes the crown in this category. It can achieve the highest top speed at 130 mph for the tri-motor variant, according to Motor Trend. The dual-motor Cybertruck will have a top speed of 120 mph. While the single-motor model will have a top speed of 110 mph. 

The Badger can hit 120 mph whilst the Endurance falls short at a top speed of 80 mph. Again, GMC as well as Rivian both haven’t released the top speeds for their pickup trucks currently.

Future EV rentals – Pickup truck – 0-60mph acceleration time

We have a joint winner in this category, the Badger and the tri-motor Cybertruck. They are both tied for the quickest 0-60mph time at 2.9 seconds. Even though the time is impressive for the size of these vehicles, they are both still slower than the Tesla Model S P100D at 2.4 seconds. 

Following behind them is the R1T and GMC Hummer at 3 seconds. The dual-motor Cybertruck can achieve 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. While it takes the single motor model 6.5 seconds. Lordstown has not released the 0-60mph acceleration time yet.

Future EV rentals – Pickup truck – Towing capacity

Who can forget one of the most important factors of pickup trucks, their towing capacity. In this sector the Cybertruck wins once again with a towing capacity of around 14,000 pounds for the tri-motor variant. The dual-motor has a towing capacity of around 10,000 pounds. Lastly, the single-motor is capable of approximately 7,500 pounds.

The R1T has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, the Badger over 8,000 pounds. While both the Endurance and B2 will have a towing capacity of approximately 7,500 pounds. As it is still early days, GMC is yet to announce the towing capability of their Hummer EV.

Future EV rentals – Pickup truck – Bed length

The winner in this category is the Bollinger’s B2 with the longest bed length. With a standard length of 5.75 feet. It has the capability to extend the bed length to 8.17 feet when the rear seats are removed and the cab wall is opened.

Both the Cybertruck and Endurance‘s long bed model both have a length of 6.5 feet. However, the Lordstown Endurance’s standard bed length falls a foot shorter at 5.5 feet. 

The R1T comes with the shortest bed length at 4.5 feet. Although, the extra space is used in the form of a cargo hold in between the rear seats and the bed. This storage area is quite impressive as it is large enough to fit a surfboard. Great news for all of you beach loving surfers out there.

The bed length of the Badger hasn’t yet been mentioned, but it has a width of 5.12 feet. Similarly to other categories GMC has not released any details related to the bed yet.

Overall verdict

Overall I think we can all agree that these new electric pickup trucks are certainly going to shake things up in the industry. The big question is will they change the future of EV rentals?

Let us know your opinion on our social media. Would you like any of these vehicles to be available for hire from EVision in the future?

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