EV rental vs Buying one

As electric cars are becoming more and more of the general norm on UK roads, you may be thinking ‘How can I get one of myself one of those?’ We get it, what’s not to love about electric cars, the money you save on fuel, the environmental benefits and 0% company car tax as of April 6th 2020

Here at EVision we understand that buying an electric car can be a costly and lengthy process, but does getting your hands on an electric car really need to be that hard? That’s why our services are loved by our customers. EVision’s option of both short and long term EV rentals make sense from every angle. 

Why take out an EV rental over buying one?

An EV rental can offer you many benefits over buying one, whether it is for long term or short term use. We understand that not many will simply go out and buy an electric vehicle for just a short period like a road trip or holiday. However, renting one from EVision offers you the best of both worlds. You will get to recieve all of the benefits that typically come with an electric car and not have to splash out and drop £97,000+ for example on a Tesla Model X. As well as saving yourself a pretty penny by choosing an EV rental, you will receive FREE Tesla Supercharging with any hire of a Tesla from EVision.

Long term EV rental vs Buying 

An important factor to note that is whilst electric cars are rapidly on the rise so is the technology for them. As with anything, scientists and car manufacturers are always looking to improve or make a better alternative. A key advantage you will gain when you choose to take an EV rental is that you will not have to worry about the depreciation value of the car. As well as for rentals of 3 months or more you can upgrade or downgrade your car at any time. 

Service costs

And, who can forget the instant moment of panic when you realise that your MOT or servicing is due. The big rush of trying to get an appointment last minute is taken off your hands with EVision. We will arrange the appointment for you and pay for the cost as there are no maintenance or service costs with our EV rentals.


Another significant drawback to going out and purchasing an electric car is the high down payment that you tend to have to make. Let alone the wait time to receive your delivery. You can leave these issues behind when you opt for an EV rental from EVision. If you are an account customer with us or choosing to provide your own insurance you will benefit from having to pay no deposit.


When taking a long-term EV rental from EVision, you are automatically entitled to have a FREE charge point installed at your home or place of work. Don’t worry, we will do all the hard work for you to make this a seamless and easy process. Find out how you can get your free charge point installed here

Looking for an electric company car?

If you’re looking for an electric company car then we have some news for you. The government’s recent initiative to encourage the UK to move to green motoring will take hold as of April 6th, 2020. The Benefit in Kind company car tax for electric cars will be dropping from 16% to 0%. As of that date having an electric company car for your employees or yourself will offer significant tax savings!

By having an electric company car you will benefit from paying 0% company car tax, no national insurance on the vehicle or fuel benefit charge.

Now we have got you thinking about it, why not choose an EV rental from EVision? You will still gain from all the previous benefits mentioned as well as unlimited mileage on all of our electric vehicles (subject to our fair usage policy). 

Come along to our March 2020 Masterclass to learn all about electric vehicles and their savings. As well as get the chance to test drive some of the leading EVs including; Tesla Model S, X and 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace and the BMW i3.

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