Why go for a long term rental?

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So, you’re considering a long term hire from EVision? Let’s discuss why a long term electric car rental is a very smart decision. 

Long term over short term

The most common reason that our customers take out electric car rental for a long term period is that they’re not tied down to a contract. They have the ability to upgrade or downgrade their choice of EV easily, and the classic try before you buy. Not to mention that with a long term electric car rental you will receive an amazing discounted hire rate. 

Try before you buy

A long term rental is the perfect choice for those who want to try before they buy. Whilst a short term rental gives you a small glimpse, a long term rental gives you the full experience before you spend your hard earned money. 

Our long term electric car rentals offer so many benefits over a short term hire period. They can give you the full insight in to living with an electric vehicle. You will experience the smooth and quiet drive that electric cars have to offer, as well as the functionality of charging.

Overall, you really need to spend time and live with an EV for a good amount of time before you make the full investment of possibly owning one. 

Home Charging 

Charging your EV is made easier when hiring long term from EVision. As with any hire of a BMW, Renault ZOE and Kia e-Niro of 12 months or more, we will install a home charge point. As well as with any electric car rental of a Tesla, Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace of 12 months or more, we will install an industrial power charge point. 

If you’re looking for a shorter electric car rental, for any hire of a Tesla, Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace of 3 months or more, EVision will install a home charge point at your home or work address.

These options will give you the full experience of ‘owning’ an electric car. In comparison to a short term hire for a couple of days, where unless you have a charge point close to your home or already installed, you need to consider the physicality of charging.  

Public Charging

Whilst the public charging infrastructure is still growing, a long term hire will give you the knowledge of your local charging points. As well as driving locally, you still need the know-how to plan several routes and calculate the charge you would need to reach your destination. 

When using public charge points there are some things you need to know, for example where local charge points are located and what providers are best. EVision are here to help.  

The main public charge point providers is Ecotricity which is best for motorway driving, Polar which are very popular for town driving and Tesla Superchargers. When hiring any Tesla Model S or X from EVision you will get free Tesla Supercharging! Yes, we said FREE! 

Polar, offer the first three months free of their membership when you initially sign up. This is perfect for trying before you buy. Polar also offer a live map of charge points via their website which will show you the locations of their charge points and the type of chargers available. 

Ecotricity have over 300 electric car charging points at motorway services up and down the UK. They also offer their Electric Highway app which is available free of charge. This interactive map and route planner will help you find your nearest Ecotricity charge point. You can also check the status of their electricity pumps using the app. 

Another handy app and website is ZapMap, this will show you local charge points, the providers and chargers at that location.

Car Wow offers a similar sort of service to electric car users. Showing you the location of charge points, amount of charging bays, charger types and network operators. 

Myth busting

There is a lot to say about electric cars and there are plenty of myths out there about them. We fully understand that EV’s come with their fair share of bad myths, and they are nothing but myths. I guess you could call EVision the myth busters instead of the ghostbusters. 

The worry of range anxiety is no more, as the charging infrastructure is growing considerably more and more within the UK for electric cars. The same goes for the myth of them having little to no mile range or power. Trust us when we say that they can certainly hold their own against ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. 

Until you sit behind the wheel of an EV and truly experience the drive that it has to offer, you will not understand why the worries are nothing but myths. Whether it is a Tesla, Jaguar, Audi, Kia, BMW or Renault, the performance of electric cars will certainly impress.


There are many benefits of a long term electric car rental from EVision, compared to leasing or buying. For starters you can enjoy unlimited driving with a long term rental (fair usage policy applies), as well as full maintenance and breakdown cover for the duration of your electric car rental. You have the ability to choose your selected hire period with a long term rental, whether it is for 3, 6 or 12 months, unlike being tied to a leasing contract for 3-4 years. You will also benefit from having to pay no deposit, if you are an account customer with EVision or choosing to provide your own insurance. As well as not having to worry about the depreciation value of the car. There’s no denying that our long term hires make the perfect option for personal use, company cars and fleet cars.

Another huge bonus when taking out an electric car rental from EVision is the vast variety of electric cars we have available. Want a smaller electric car? We’ve got you covered. EVision have a fleet of Renault ZOE’s and a large range of BMW i3’s. Need a family car? Our Kia e-Niro and Audi e-tron are both a perfect choice. Do you prefer larger EV’s? Our variety of luxury Teslas and Jaguar I-Pace’s are ideal for those who enjoy technology. 

Find out more information

So you’ve read about the benefits that a long term electric car rental can offer and want to learn more? Contact our team today for a quote. 

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