Road trips with electric cars: five things to remember

Over time the change in how we drive has increased the appeal of electric cars. Slowly but surely, the idea of exchanging the old fossil-fuel thinking for an alternative motive power has taken hold. This is because the benefits of clean electric energy are clearer now, more than ever. After all, electric cars are quiet, easy and relaxing to drive. The overall approximate average of around 4p per mile in fuel, means that it is inexpensive to run in comparison to the standard ICE’s (Internal Combustion Engine). Previous concerns about range and charging have been eroded, by the advances in technology and the gradual fall in the price of electric cars. As prices fall and battery science continues to improve, more and more people can, and are making the switch to zero-emissions motoring.

The Right Choice Now

Obviously electric cars are not an inexpensive purchase. Some drivers may be reluctant to make the change to green motoring. For those thinking of adopting electric cars, it can be a big decision. Considering that ninety percent of our daily travel is well within the mileage range of practically all electric cars currently on sale, the appeal surely grows.

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire offer the best of both worlds with their services, you are able to hire an electric car on a short-term or long-term basis depending on your needs. With the adoption of an electric car being a big decision to make, why not hire from EVision to test drive the electric cars that they have on offer?

To ease your choice, home charging is growing relatively fast. The cost effective wall chargers and EV charging cables available from EV Cable Shop are a perfect addition to your electric car. The only myth that remains, is range anxiety when making a longer journey, say a road trip with the family.

Range Anxiety

A general misrepresentation of electric cars is commonly known as ‘range anxiety’. However, it is becoming clear that as the charging infrastructure grows across the country, long road trips are just as feasible with electric cars. This is thanks to much faster charging being readily available at multiple locations.

Five Things To Remember On A Road Trip

We all each have different motoring needs. So, one solution to the question of whether electric cars are right for the individual, might be to hire an electric car. That’s right; essentially try before you buy. EVision offer many popular models, including; Tesla, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Renault and Kia. All of which are available to rent today. EV rental gives drivers a chance to experience the benefits of electric cars; the instantly available power, the peace and quiet and so on. The idea of taking the family on a road trip in an electric car sounds quite appealing; but it pays to plan ahead.

The Right Cable

Your EV rental will include the correct charging cable whether it is Type 1 or Type 2.

Charging Tesla Electric Car

EVision are more than happy to accommodate a charging cable that works with the plans you have in place for your journey. They will also be able to help with initial ‘how to’ when it comes to charging electric cars and how to get the best from the vehicle. Remember some electric car manufacturers even offer free super charging such as Tesla. Many electric cars are capable to manage quite substantial mileages these days. It may be that a stop isn’t required at all. In short, make sure that you are EV savvy.

Route Planning

At supermarkets and fuel stations, in car parks and malls, charging points are available for electric cars. A quick scout across the internet, will enable even the most unsure driver to make an accurate plan of travel including charging stops. That well-known search engine can help with finding the shortest distance between two points and there are updated guides to finding adjacent charging opportunities. A top-up en route can be achieved in as little as twenty minutes, just enough time for a coffee.

Drive Well

EVision can advise on the range for every car available when hiring an electric car. Whether or not this can be improved upon will depend very much on the ability of the driver. To get the most out of your battery, avoid harsh braking and use in-car accessories wisely. Air-conditioning for example draws electric power; only switch it on when required. With no lag from the engine and no gears to worry about, the temptation of electric cars is to accelerate rapidly. That’s fine if overtaking but otherwise use that right foot with care and save energy.

The Destination

If a hotel or guest house overnight stop is called for, then book ahead to ensure they have facilities for charging electric cars. The same goes for trips to theme parks or similar. Ask if they have EV parking. It may even be the case that the charging points offer preferential parking much nearer the entrance!

Stop Worrying

It’s not as if we live in outer Mongolia, is it? One of the strong points of living on the British Isles is accessibility. Nobody is ever more than seventy miles from a coast. Most car users today will have at least one person in the car with a smartphone for easy contact. If there are teenagers in the vehicle then the phones will be attached to their hands. So don’t worry; the technology of electric cars has shown itself to be reliable. All that’s needed is a little thought. Rent an EV. You might find you like it. There’s no shame in preferring the modern way of driving.

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