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Have you had the chance to drive a tesla? Here at EVision we love all of the Tesla electric cars and our customers do too, but get ready to be excited. Car giant Tesla, have been spotted to be testing a new Model S! We cannot wait for more details to be revealed. For now here is what we know so far about the vehicle. 

You’ve been Plaid 

Four years ago, Tesla launched the Ludicrous Speed upgrade for the Model S sedan. This reduced the 0-60 rate and increased the maximum speed. At this time Tesla promised that “Maximum Plaid” would be the next big thing to come to their electric cars. Years later we have started to see more and more of what is yet to come from the ever improving Tesla range. Is there anything they can’t do?

The first insight to the launch of a Plaid Mode was originally promised for the new Tesla Roadster 2.0. This was then previewed in a hands-on prototype at the Roadster’s reveal in November 2017. In September 2019 our God, Elon Musk announced more details about how the Roadster would form the basis of the new product line. 

Plaid Powertrain and the Tesla Roadster 2.0

The step up from Ludicrous Mode, Plaid Mode is aimed to offer maximum power and unbeatable performance of the all electric cars. We’ve already seen the Roadsters impressive specifications and that seems to only be the start of Tesla’s future. 

What is it?

All of this talk about Plaid Mode, you’re probably wondering what it is? It’s not a checkered or tartan upgrade for the electric cars. Sadly, you won’t be seeing any bagpipe playing, scottish Teslas anytime soon. Instead Plaid is a reference to Mel Brooks’s Star Wars parody, Spaceballs. 

Plaid mode is a three motor setup that will be used on the new Roadster, future Model S, and maybe the future Model X. It will allow different levels of torque to be applied to each rear wheel. This then allows precise control of oversteer and understeer of these powerful electric cars.

Why is this important?

The whole purpose of having adjustable levels of torque and being able to control oversteer and understeer is very important. Basically, imagine trying to accelerate with one wheel while the other is breaking. You can get an idea of what sort of performance increases are possible with this adjustability. 

This ability is rather important in battery powered electric cars. The large battery has a lot of momentum that is hard to get turning and hard to stop turning. This then causes understeer when entering corners and oversteer when exiting corners.

Getting competitive?

Shortly after Porsche revealed its Model S-rivaling Taycan Turbo, Musk said that Tesla would take its pure

electric sedan to the Nürburgring. Shortly after this, some unique and different looking Model S’ showed up. It was then later announced that these were prototypes of a new “Plaid” version of the Model S. Good news guys and gals, Musk has said it is production-bound! How exciting? Here’s what we know about it.

Right after announcing its intent to go to the Nürburgring, Tesla released a video of a Model S Plaid prototype laying down a quick lap at Laguna Seca. As of yet Tesla hasn’t released a lap time for the Model S Plaid, and it hasn’t made an official record attempt. For reference, the original Porsche Taycan Turbo ran a 7:42. Although, the car that set the lap wasn’t the quicker version of the Turbo S, it’s possible that Porsche may have a bit more up its sleeve. At the moment it is rumoured that the Model S ran a 7:23 by a stopwatch. However, the automaker believes that an impressive 7:05 time is achievable.

Plaid and the Tesla Model S

When the Model S first arrived all the way back in 2012, it had a single motor powering the rear wheels. A new version offering all-wheel drive, with a motor for each axle arrived in 2014. Currently, it’s the only configuration available for the Model S.

Now, Tesla is upping the ante with a third motor. Elon Musk confirmed as some details on Twitter, but has not offered any further technical details.

It’s unclear at this stage as to the layout of the three motors in the new coming electric cars. Whether the Model S Plaid will use two motors at the rear axle and one at the front, or vice versa. Either way, a three-motor Model S is a very interesting concept. Will this be the future of electric cars?

What it could look like?

The all electric cars that Tesla brought to the ring are pretty different to the Model S’ you can buy at the moment. Photos that have been leaked of red and blue prototypes show large fender flares to accommodate the larger tires. 

There are also aero mods on the Plaid, including a substantial wicker bill on the spoiler, and one prototype is said to have an enormous diffuser.

Musk has said in a tweet that the “final configuration used at Nürburgring to set the record will go into production around summer 2020, so this is not merely for the track“. This means that the prototypes that will be used aren’t just one-offs!

When is production starting?

Guys, Twitter is the place to be for updates! Musk stated that production of the seven-seater Model S Plaid would begin next October or November! Following that the three-motor Model X’s and Roadster’s will come later to the electric cars market. I think we can all agree that 2020 is going to be a good year for Tesla. Although, Tesla is known for not making its deadlines, but the fact that prototypes are now being tested indicates that the Model S Plaid isn’t likely to be too far away.

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