The Electric Age; Tesla, Porsche and Lotus

Red Porsche Taycan for Hire

The electric age has begun and we don’t mean the modern hip hop music you hear on the radio. Automobile companies are taking to electric vehicle adoption and ditching the petrol and diesel. The big question is what is going to come next? Get ready to have your socks blown off!

All hail King Tesla

Tesla never sleep on any idea, we have seen previews of the Model Y, Roadster and Tesla’s long anticipated pickup truck.

The Tesla Model Y annoyingly isn’t scheduled for release until late 2020, and we cannot contain our excitement for yet another one of our beloved Tesla’s to be released. So far, we know that the Model Y is going to be an all wheel drive with a dual motor. Unlike other models that have a ‘D’ at the end of their model signifying the dual motor such as the S P100D, could we see a shift in the way that Tesla label their vehicles? 

The Model Y comes with room for upto 7 adults using the optional additional row. The additional row and standard back seats offer maximum versatility as they fold flat, creating flexible storage for your luggage.

Never needing to visit a gas station again is a luxury and if you charge this EV overnight at home, you can expect to wake up to a full battery every morning. If you do happen to be out on the road, you can recharge up to 168 miles in just 15 minutes using Tesla Supercharging, just enough time to grab a coffee!  

Tesla are always looking to improve the future of driving, the Model Y will supposedly have full Self-Driving capability, meaning automatic driving on city streets and highways. This is pending regulatory approval, as well as the ability to come find you anywhere in a parking lot. We know, this sounds like something out of men in black, if only it came with a talking pug sidekick. That’s not the only bells and whistles the Model Y comes with, to improve driving, this outstanding EV comes with 360° rear, side and forward-facing cameras to provide maximum visibility. The 160m forward facing radar provides long-range view of distant objects whilst ultrasonic sensors detect nearby cars to prevent collisions and assist with parking. 

Let’s talk luxe interior, following suit to the Model 3, the Model Y is practically identical with an elevated seating position, low dash, 15-inch touch screen, immersive sound system and an expansive all-glass roof creating extra headroom for the driver and passengers, as well as a view of the sky.

Another long anticipated EV from Tesla is the Roadster.

As mentioned previously in another blog post, the Roadster is an upgraded version of the original 2008 Roadster. Cram-Packed with loads of new amazing features the 2020 upgraded version comes with a whopping top speed of 250+ and a 0-60mph rate of 1.9 seconds, even though not practical for everyday driving that’s seriously impressive for an EV.

Don’t forget more is more when it comes to Tesla. As such the 2020 Roadster has an outstanding range of 620 miles, using all wheel drive, one motor situated in the front and two in the rear. This four seater EV is the perfect adult toy for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. Not forgetting that this EV is a convertible, with a light-weight removable glass roof which stores in the spacious trunk to give you that luxury convertible driving experience.

T is for triple Teslas, their version of a pickup truck is highly anticipated for those who prefer a larger vehicle. Does bigger mean better?

As we mentioned in a previous blog post there is currently no specific name however, it is rumored to launch as Model B. With the debut estimated for November, speculations have come about the appearance. Many excited fans have created renders of the Tesla pickup truck, however with no confirmed exterior or body shape of the pick up truck except a blue led strip and square bumper, we expect this missing piece of the puzzle to live up to the expectations of true Tesla style. 

Judging by the teaser image the men in black sci-fi look and feel will heavily influence the appearance of the electric pickup truck. Elon Musk stated during a podcast about the design that “it won’t look like a normal truck. It’s going to look pretty sci-fi”.

The Porsche Taycan Turbo

As much as we all love Tesla, could the Porsche Taycan take reigning supreme?

Porsche have launched into the EV market creating a huge impact. The Taycan is to be launched in two models; the Porsche Taycan Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S. Could that sneaky ‘S’ be a warning to Tesla that Porsche is here to take the crown?

The original Taycan Turbo has an estimated range of 279 miles whilst the Turbo S has a lower estimated range of 256 miles. The 0-62mph rate sets the difference between the two models with the Taycan Turbo accelerating in 3.2 seconds and the Turbo S in 2.8 seconds. Both of these EVs come with launch control, not that this is something you use on regular roads but if you fancy giving it a shot on a race track it’s there if you need it. 

If the interior isn’t of interest to you and you have a hankering for speed then we suggest you check out Fully Charged world exclusive drive of this stunning EV on their YouTube channel. 

The interior and minor details of the Porsche Taycan were hidden secret for a while, leaving us in high anticipation to see how they would rival Tesla with technology. The interior has nothing in resemblance to their American competitor. There is no low dash or single infotainment screen, instead you are greeted with multiple sectioned screens spanning the width of the vehicle, mildly similar to a conventional layout of a dashboard.

The Lotus Evija

Introducing the Lotus Evija, announced as the first british all-electric hypercar. What is a hypercar you ask? It is the crème de la crème of super cars, bettering them in many aspects such as performance and appearance. 

The Evija falls firmly into this category with a top speed of 200+ mph rivaling the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Although the mile range of 250 miles isn’t the most impressive, the weight of the Lotus Evija certainly is as it is the lightest EV hypercar ever to enter production at 1680kg. The style of the Evija follows suit of the Tesla being minimalist in approach with its tailored lightweight luxury feel eliminating any unnecessary weight or components. 

The Evija’s aero-dynamic appearance is a crossover between a traditional supercar and outrageous hypercar with outstanding detailing. The structure is built around a carbon fiber shell. As interesting as the EV is The Evija looks fairly conversative and standard from the front with stacked headlights and cooling ducts feeding air to the battery. Towards the rear and sides is where things take a more innovative twist.The Evija creates extra downforce through two aero tunnels that channel air not over the vehicle but through the body. Lotus has created two tunnels through the bodywork similar to how F1 designers create clean air flow on cars. In addition the Evija also deploys an old-fashioned rear wing when needed, and uses a drag reduction system (DRS), just like an F1 car. Further improving aerodynamics is the lack of wing mirrors, instead OLED screens on the doors stream the footage from the wing-mounted cameras for the driver to view.

The interior is beyond minimalist with a flat-bottomed F1-style wheel similar to that of the Roadster. The Evija comes with a range of modes – Eco, City, Tour, Sport and Track. Interestingly enough the Lotus Evija has no touchscreen tablet or console insight, creating and maintaining a sole uninterrupted focus of the driving experience.

What about charging, well if you’re lucky enough to drive a Lotus Evija it will fully recharge in 18 minutes! Annoyingly only if you’ve got access to a 350kW charger. Great news, if you live in Kent though as Maidstone is home to the UK’s sole 350kW charger, fear not more are being added around the UK.

What would you like to see here at EVision?

Whilst these jaw dropping EVs have not been released yet, we are certain that our Teslas will not disappoint. Here at EVision we have a wide range of Teslas available for long-term and short-term hire along with our pure EV Jaguars, Audi’s, KIA, Renault and BMW’s. 

We’re always updating our fleet with the newest and most exciting EVs to hit the market; so stay tuned, as you may just see the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Truck, Tesla Roadster, Porsche Taycan Turbo and Lotus Evija available to hire from EVision Electric Vehicle Hire.

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