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Tesla interior

We understand here at EVision that range anxiety is one of the most common concerns and myths when it comes to EV adoption. This blog post is here to help point out our top 5 electric vehicles that we have available for hire, to bust that pesky myth about range.

What is Range Anxiety?

Range anxiety is the fear of running out of charge in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but cows in fields. As a large talking point around EVs with many asking “well, what happens if I want to drive from the Southeast to Scotland?”. Although journeys of this distance are rare, a long road trip – say to visit relatives or sight see- once or twice a year it isn’t uncommon. 

Originally EVs standard mile range sat somewhere around the low 100’s for a full charge suggesting that it was more than enough for most drivers. Elon Musk, the founder of the beloved Tesla, was one of the few pure-electric car advocates fighting that drivers shouldn’t just put up with a short range on their EVs. If the world of electric cars was to take off, drivers needed that capability of driving more than just a mere hundred miles on a full charge. This is yet another key reason as to why Tesla are still as popular as ever and are the benchmark for any up and coming EV. 

With the huge success of Tesla, their wave of higher mile range began to ripple slowly to the rest of the EV industry, with a 200 mile range becoming the new norm. 

Here are our top 5 longest-range electric vehicles we have available for both short and long term hire at EVision Electric Vehicle Hire.

#1 Tesla Model S P100D

Ranking supreme of course is Tesla with the beautiful yet powerful S P100D. A 4 wheel drive EV powered by dual motors and a driving range of 311 miles with autopilot capability, is there any wonder why our EVision customers love this performance lead EV.

The outstanding mile range isn’t the only impressive feature about the S P100D, with 5 seats encased in white leather interior it makes for the perfect comfy ride for any long trip. An abundance of luggage space from the generously sized boot that automatically closes at the touch of a button, along with the added extra of a frunk for those unexpected purchases or for those who pack everything but the kitchen sink. 

Tesla’s classic minimalist approach is carried seamlessly through the style of the S P100D, housing a 17-inch infotainment touchscreen in the centre, making it ideal for trips that need any navigation. There certainly is no skimping on the details with this luxury EV.

Hire a Tesla Model S P100D from £259 per day + VAT and experience a drive like no other.

#2 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

New to our fleet is the Tesla Model 3 Long Range with a strong 295 mile range on a full charge, this EV still packs a punch. Similar to the S P100D, the Model 3 Long Range comes with mighty dual motors and aero wheels designed to increase and maximise driving range

This 5 seater EV also comes packed with air suspension, autopilot and a 0-60mph rate of 4.6 seconds. The interior of the Model 3 Long Range is sleek and minimalist beyond belief, with no typical dashboard in sight. The space of the interior is maximised by removing the screen behind the dropped steering wheel, ensuring that the driver has a clearer view of the road in front. A landscape, 15-inch touchscreen control panel located in the centre of the vehicle, houses all of your infotainment and performance needs. 

Hire a Tesla Model 3 Long Range from £80 per day + VAT and drive in style.

#3 Jaguar I-Pace

Our beloved Jaguar I-Pace sits in third place with a surprising 292 mile range, this sleek EV has 4 wheel drive, dual motors, does 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph. What’s not to love?

Jaguar I-Pace Hire

The spacious design of the Jaguar I-Pace has been increased through its architecture, the large leather front seats are positioned further forwards, improving both the driving position and legroom for backseat passengers.

The clean and uncluttered interior seamlessly integrates technology into the design. All digital instruments are displayed in a new infotainment layout using a combination of both touchscreen and dials. Instead of a central screen the I-Pace offers a floating centre console with gear stick situated on the left hand side, minimised for appearance and revolutionised into buttons for ease.

Hire a Jaguar I-Pace from £90 per day + VAT and leave other drivers with EV envy.

#4 Kia e-Niro

The Kia e-Niro steers in at number four with a surprising 282 mile driving range on a full charge, a top speed of 104mph and a 0-60mph rate of 7.5 seconds. 

Kia e-Niro

This five door EV is built for comfort and ease, an 8 way electrically adjustable driving seat with lumbar support is perfect for those long journeys. Front and rear parking sensors along with a reversing camera make this EV ideal for city driving. 

Although the Kia e-Niro isn’t an exceptionally large car, it hosts a surprisingly spacious interior with a generous trunk able to fit around 5 small suitcases. An 8-inch screen entertainment system with Bluetooth, DAB radio, Apple car play, Android Auto, SatNav and an 8 speaker JBL sound system, it is certainly enough to keep everyone entertained. 

Hire a Kia e-Niro from £65 per day + VAT and experience the comfortable drive this EV has to offer.

#5 Tesla Model X 90D

The Tesla Model X 90D is number five with a 257 mile range, whilst still impressive this EV offers more than just driving range. A 90 KWh Dual Motor with four wheel drive and a top speed of 155mph, makes the X 90D the perfect adult toy for any EV enthusiast. 

Tesla Model X 90D

Our Tesla Model X 90D comes with air suspension, autopilot and 7 seats. Maximise passenger and cargo capacity in this SUV, as the second and third row seats can fold flat when not in use, creating extra luggage space. Carry all the people, baggage, bikes, strollers, and groceries you can manage in this EV, plus there’s even a trunk in the front.

The interior and exterior offer nothing but high class style and features with falcon wing doors, a 17-inch central touchscreen, keyless entry and power-folding heated side mirrors to list a few. Not to mention the signature Model X dance that this electric car can do – watch our video to see its moves.

Hire a Tesla Model X 90D from £155 per day + VAT and drive in pure luxury.


Our other EVs we offer

We certainly can’t forget our other beloved EVs, whilst they don’t quite make the list for longest range we do still love them all just as equally. 

#6 Audi e-tron–  249 mile range

#7 Tesla Model S P85D- 240 mile range

#8 Tesla Model S85- 230 mile range

#9 Tesla Model S P85- 220 mile range

#10 Tesla Model S 75D- 205 mile range

#11 Tesla Model S75 & BMW i3 REX– 200 mile range

#12 Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model X 75D- 190 mile range

#13 Renault ZOE– 186 mile range

#14 BMW i3 120Ah- 180 mile range

#15 BMW i3 94Ah- 130 mile range

Our customers definitely love our EVs we have to offer and we know you will too!

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