Guess who’s back?

In a previous blog post we mentioned the Tesla Roadster which was launched in 2008, and we spoke about how it paved the way for electric cars. 

In the words of the singer Eminem; “guess who’s back, back again?”. You won’t believe it but the Roadster is making a remarkable return, coming back stronger than ever. Similar to the Spice Girls the Tesla Roadster is coming back with a bit of a face lift and some flashy new upgrades than its predecessor.

Taking it back old school

The 2008 Roadster was revolutionary to its time of manufacturing, however compared to the Tesla’s of now it seems a bit like a dinosaur. 

With still an impressive 245 mile range, which is comparable to current EVs such as the Audi e-tron, it can certainly still hold its own. As we all know technology has come on leaps and bounds since 2008, however we cannot take away the important fact that this revolutionary electric car glamorised the electric motoring world as we know it. So, hats off to you Tesla Roadster. The main difference between the 2008 model and the upcoming 2020 model is its performance and appearance. 

Current Tesla models tend to include extra space in the form of a trunk. Who doesn’t want a bit of extra junk in the trunk?! However there’s no space under the bonnet for luggage in the 2008 model, just cooling fans (yes, electric motors need to be cooled too). I wouldn’t recommend even trying to touch anything under the bonnet as it could give you a very interesting hairstyle if you did.

Whilst this model appears to be outdated, you can still see similarities to current Teslas. The Roadster was more of an electric sports car, encompassing the sleek rounded edges similar to that of the modern Model S, X and 3. Yes, the body shape improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle but it has almost created the ‘Tesla Shape’. You can clearly see the adapting transition over the years with each new model, but some features like the body shape follow the same trademark of being somewhat lengthy yet shorter in height.

The Roadster returns

Drum roll please…. Introducing the new Tesla Roadster 2020

Hosting a whole load of amazing innovative features the Roadster should be named the Road-Master! The upgraded version comes with a top speed of 250+, unless you’re Lewis Hamilton we don’t recommend going that fast but that is surely impressive. Topping that speed off, the vehicle can go from 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, that’s quicker than you can say EVision Electric Vehicle Hire! 

It doesn’t stop there either, the Roadster has a jaw dropping 620 mile range. That is over double the amount of the Model 3 Long Range.  With all wheel drive, one motor situated in the front and two in the rear. This all electric super car maximises the aerodynamic engineering ability to improve its efficiency and performance.

Whilst nothing is 100% confirmed regarding the design of the Roadster, it’s a fairly safe bet that Tesla will refine the design ahead of the official launch. The sleek exterior makes it look like something straight out of a sci-fi film. However the smooth curvaceous design may require some tweaking before launch, particularly as there are no wing mirrors currently. 

As you can see the suggested steering wheel if you can call it that, is not like your average vehicle. It resembles that of a Formula 1 car or airplane, it makes sense to have a similar format of steering wheel due to the top speed of the EV and average speed of its similar counterparts.

In true Tesla style it seems they have developed another innovative way to eliminate the vehicle’s door handles to make the body look even more seamless. Making a stark difference from the handles that appear on the Model S and X that sit flush with the main frame and self-present when the owner approaches, and the Model 3’s design where users press on the wider part of the handle to lever it open. The Roadster’s futuristic ‘touchscreen’ handles in which you swipe downwards on a glass panel, make it seem even more like Tesla are looking to include as many innovative ideas as possible.

On top of all this the new 2020 Roadster is a four seater EV; with two seats in the front and two in the back. However the rear passenger seats do look rather small and compact suggesting that an average adult may not sit in them with great comfort, but it can fit smaller adults and children perfectly. This may not be the most family friendly electric car but it makes for the perfect adult toy. 

Last but not least the 2020 Tesla Roadster is a convertible, with a light-weight removable glass roof which stores in the spacious trunk to give you that luxury convertible driving experience. With all this on offer it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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If you’re still yet to drive a Tesla, here at EVision we have a wide range of Tesla’s available for long-term and short-term hire. We sadly don’t have the Roadster but we are certain that our Tesla’s will not disappoint.

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