Top 20 Tesla Model 3 questions answered

Tesla Model 3D Performance Long Range

Here at EVision, we love our Tesla Model 3s and our customers agree with us. However, if you have any questions about the Model 3 or the Model 3 Long Range before your hire, we’ve hopefully answered them in this blog post

Question 1. What is the range?

The standard Model 3 has a range of 190 miles, whilst the Model 3 Long Range has an astounding 295 mile range. With over 100 miles more the Long Range is the best option if you are planning long trips, or your commute to work is longer than average.

Question 2. What is the top speed?

The UK speed limit sits at 70mph for motorway driving and we do not condone speeding. However, for those who have a need for speed, the standard Model 3 can reach a maximum speed of 130mph, whilst the Model 3 Long Range can reach 145mph. 

Question 3. Is it comfortable to drive?

The drive of the Model 3 is smooth, comfortable and luxurious. However, getting used to the interior may take some adjusting. Staying true to Tesla’s maxi-minimalist interior design approach, the Model 3 is just as simple. The level wood dashboard running the full width of the car is sleek, with no speedometer like that of the Jaguar I-Pace. Not to mention that the steering wheel is lower and with no standard dashboard screen, it provides the driver with a clearer view of the road ahead. All of the typical information from the dashboard is located on a 15-inch landscape touchscreen, rather than the larger portrait screen seen in the Model S. 

If you scour the cabin, there is a button for everything, buttons for the electric windows, a button for the hazard lights above your headm and a button on the grab handle to open each door. There is also a physical lever below that just in case.

Question 4. How does autopilot work?

The Model 3 requests that your hands are still on the wheel whilst autopilot is engaged. You aren’t able to to just sit back and relax as such, you still need to keep your wits about you, even with all the sensors and cameras. The Model 3 comes packed with 360º rear, side and forward facing cameras as well as a 160 meter forward-facing radar to provide long distance view of vehicles ahead and 12 ultrasonic sensors to detect any nearby cars.

Question 5. What does the centre console do?

As mentioned the Model 3 has the 15” centre console, this acts as a dashboard, infotainment screen and any other function you may think of. As a dashboard screen will show you your driving mode, current speed and direction. 

The infotainment aspect will allow you to select music, get directions and explore the hidden Easter eggs. Sadly the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t give you chocolate, but there’s always room for improvement. These hidden extras can only be accessed whilst stationary from the ‘T’ on the main menu, it will display information about your Tesla. If this menu is dragged from the top downwards, users can access them. These Easter eggs include the ability to play games on the Model 3’s touch screen and to further enjoyment, Tesla have also given users the ability to connect USB controllers to play these games. Drivers can also use the infotainment screen to operate the aircon in the EV. Using the touch screen, drivers can move the direction of airflow with your finger.

Question 6. How secure is the vehicle?

As the Model 3 is a luxury car, security is a key factor. Thankfully Tesla have thought of a solution, Sentry Mode. This crime-stopping feature utilises the cameras typically used for autopilot as surveillance whilst in this selected mode. If a threat is detected the vehicle will enter alert mode for minor threats and alarm mode for major threats. For more information about this handy mode visit our previous blog post.

Question 7. How much noise do you hear when driving?

As Teslas are electric there is minimal noise compared to standard ICE vehicles. When acceleration is used heavily in a standard ICE car you would hear a loud roar of the engine trying to ensure power reaches the engine, however in an electric car there is no noise when accelerating quickly, the only noise you can possibly hear is the scream of your passenger.

Question 8. How much legroom is there?

The Model 3’s 5 seating capacity is limited, in comparison to other such as the Jaguar I-Pace. The front seating is typical to other Tesla models, however the back seats are ever so slightly smaller than the Model S. There is still room for a six foot passenger to sit in the back though. Head room is plentiful, but there’s a limited amount of space for your feet under the front seats. The sitting posture will take some getting used to as the floor is quite high but the seats are mounted low, so long-legged passengers might have their knees around their ears.

Question 9. How much storage is there?

The Model 3 is a saloon style car, so the boot size isn’t the largest. However, there is surprisingly more room for luggage than you’ll find in a Jaguar I-Pace. This is down to the trunk under the bonnet providing further space for a couple of soft bags. There is also an abundance of space inside too, with a couple of lidded cubbies between the front seats, as well as front door side compartments that can each take a large bottle.

Question 10. What is the difference between the standard Model 3 and Model 3 Long Range?

Other than the difference in range and speed mentioned, there are small differences between the two, such as the motors. The Model 3 has a 46kWh single motor whilst the Long Range has a 74kWh dual motor. The difference in maximum speed also affects the 0-60mph time; Model 3 5.9 seconds and Model 3 Long Range 4.6 seconds.

Question 11. What wheels do they have?

Both the Model 3 and Long Range come with aero wheels. These are designed to be aerodynamic and as stated by Tesla’s VP of Engineering ‘increase driving range by around 10%’ compared to no aero caps.

Question 12. What key does the Model 3 have?

Here at EVision our Model 3 and Model 3 Long Range come with a keycard. It is a small credit card sized key that works by tapping it on the circular sensor, located on the black panel of the drivers door.

Question 13. How do I start the Model 3?

Once you have entered the Model 3 the keycard will need to be placed on the surface between the two cup holders, below the armrest/ centre storage cubby, this will then initiate the engine. Whilst it may seem like an annoyance in the starting up process, it is designed for better security of your electric vehicle.

Question 14. How many USB ports does the EV have?

The Model 3 comes with 4 USB ports in the vehicle.

Question 15. Does the Model 3 come with live maps?

The standard Model 3 does not. If this is a concern for traffic updates whilst on the road, the Model 3 Long Range does come with live maps.

Question 16. Can I fit a roof rack to the Model 3?

The Model 3’s we have at EVision do not come with the ability to fix a roof rack as they all have panoramic roofs.

Question 17. Does it come with free Supercharging?

Our Tesla Model 3 and Model 3 Long Range do not come with free Tesla supercharging. However, the Model 3 can be charged at slow, fast and rapid public charge points, depending on the network and type of charge unit available.

Question 18. Where can I charge the EV?

We understand that many of our customers may experience range anxiety and running out of charge in an unknown location. We highly recommend Zap-Map, as they can give you the location of nearby charging points with connector types available.

Question 19. What connector type does the Model 3 have?

The Model 3 uses CCS charging, which is a combination of both AC and DC inlet ports. The top section of the inlet is for the Type 2 connector, which is used when charging at home, or at public slow and fast charge points. When rapid charging, both the upper and lower sections on the inlet are used.

Question 20. What is the price difference to hire a Model 3 vs a Model 3 Long Range?

The daily hire rate for a Model 3 is £130 per day including VAT, insurance and reduced excess.

The daily hire rate for a Model 3 Long Range is £136 per day including VAT, insurance and reduced excess.

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