How did Tesla make EVs cool?

Tesla Model 3 door step

The EV revolution is heavily underway with more automotive manufacturers adapting a new EV each year. Believe it or not the electric vehicle was not a sudden spark of genius in the 21st century. The very first electric cars actually made their debut in the early 1800’s, shocking isn’t it? Let’s have a look at the journey electric cars have taken and how the genius Elon Musk and Tesla made EVs cool.

The EV before time

Current electric cars in 2019 have a futurustic feel to them as if they have been sent from the future, but in reality the idea of an EV is actually something of the past. 

Whilst the electric car debuted in the early 1800’s, we have only recently seen the EVs rise again. This short lived growth in the early 1800’s was stopped short when Henry Ford mass-produced the Model T in 1908. Along with the Model T, the electric starter for automobiles was another factor that killed off the furthering of electric cars. 

Fast forward 80 odd years or so, and the EV undertook a slow creep back. By slow I mean really slow, the problem was that electric cars were expensive to produce. Even the most popular models, such as the GM’s EV1, only had a short range of roughly 100 miles. Compared to the likes of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles this was much lower than the average capability of gas-powered vehicles. 

On top of this, to make matters even worse for our beloved EVs, the low price of fuel in earlier years meant that consumers wanted larger vehicles with less consideration, or concern for their consumption of fuel.

To 2008 and beyond…

After the many hard downfalls, electric cars came back with a vengeance when Tesla did what other automakers failed to do. The electric car had a wardrobe and technology upgrade and became cool.

Tesla’s Roadster was launched in 2008, with cutting-edge technology, the vehicle had a range of 245 miles. Talk about an upgrade! With well over a 100 mile range difference the Roadster quickly superseded its predecessor, the EV1. Don’t get us wrong, while Tesla had its fair share of problems, there is no denying the impact that the company had in helping electric cars become more mainstream, and as the kids say ‘cool’.

Zooming to 2019, nearly all other automotive makers want their hand in part of the EV pie. Not only are they seeing the value of producing electric cars but the consumer demand is a prime force driving the shift.

I think we can all agree that there is no doubt that Tesla has set the bar for any electric cars, current and forthcoming. With each new Tesla release it seems as if they can’t do much more to the vehicle without it taking your shopping in, or connecting itself to the charger and tucking itself up for a power nap. (Yes, that was an electric car pun!)

EVision have the following Teslas to offer

Here at EVision we are proud to say that we have a wide range of Teslas available for long-term and short-term hire. 

Firstly the Tesla Model S, if anyone knows anything about Tesla, they know there is not just one version available. We have the following Model Ss: S 85, S P85, S P85D, S 75, S 75D and the big kahuna S P100D. To some this may look like nothing but a meaningless mixture of letters and numbers, it is not. Each model signifies a change or difference whether it be mile range, top speed or performance specification. The Model S offers a stylish and technologically sophisticated experience.

Skipping a couple of letters in the alphabet we move on to the Model X. We have the Model X 75D and X90D available. The Model X was the first electric SUV on the market offering an impressive range of technology, such as air suspension and autopilot. Driving a Model X definitely provides a futuristic feel to your journey. 

Introducing the Tesla Model 3 and Model 3 Long Range. The sleek and minimalist approach to the interior of this EV is striking making it a luxury experience of the future. The main difference between the two as suggested by the name, is the range difference of 190 miles compared to the 295 miles of the Long Range.

You could say we are a keen fan of the Teslas, and our customers would certainly agree too.

And they just keep coming

Do you seriously expect an innovative and leading company like Tesla to just sit around twiddling their thumbs once they’ve reached their prime? Of course not.

Tesla recently teased a new pickup truck (possibly called the Model B) to add to their range of electric cars. With a few months to wait for the debut, speculations have come about the appearance. We all know that Tesla aren’t one to fall short and compromise on style when it comes to EVs, we expect this missing piece of the puzzle to live up to expectations. Judging by the teaser image sci-fi will heavily influence the appearance of the electric pickup truck. Elon Musk stated during a podcast about the design that “it won’t look like a normal truck. It’s going to look pretty sci-fi. That means that it’s not going to be for everyone- like if somebody just wants to have a truck that looks like trucks have looked like for the last 20 to 40 years, it’s probably isn’t for them.”

Whilst nothing has been confirmed yet, let’s not forget the performance, you can’t have a pick up truck with a lack of power. Surely you would assume the two go hand in hand, until more is unveiled everyone is waiting anxiously with anticipation for its reveal. Here at EVision our speculation is that with Elon Musk’s comment in mind, Tesla must be going for a more streamlined and aerodynamic approach to the design which of course is the polar opposite to standard styles of pickup trucks. We predict a rounded edge style instead of a typical squared off shape of a pickup as it would coincide with Tesla’s current offerings of EVs. 

Either way we cannot wait to see the big reveal.

It’s Tesla time

Have you experienced the futuristic drive of a Tesla?

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