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BMW i3 and Renault ZOE

In this weeks EV news, we are comparing two of our electric vehicles, the BMW i3 and the Renault ZOE. There are definitely some similarities between the two cars, but we thought it would be helpful to compare them for customers to get a feel for them both. Whilst these are some of our more affordable vehicles there is certainly no compromisation on the style or performance of either. Both EV’s are Eco-friendly, technology packed and modern in appearance, making them very popular with our customers. However for anyone debating whether to hire a BMW i3 or a Renault ZOE, here is a comparison between the two. 

The BMW i3 basics

The BMW i3 is a modern and futuristic approach to the world of electric vehicles. The size of the BMW i3 comes in at just over 4 meters in length and 1.7 meters wide. However do not be fooled by this nippy vehicle, it is very well suited to motorway driving, with a top speed of 94mph and a range of 130 miles. Here at EVision we offer 3 different types of electric BMWs. The BMW i3 94Ah, 120Ah, and the BMW REX (Range Extender). Compared to other electric cars the BMW i3 provides you with all the power the moment you press the accelerator. 

The Renault ZOE basics

If you’re wanting to hire a Renault ZOE, then this car may be for you. The Renault ZOE is a comfortable, relaxing and elegant looking 5-door hatchback, which has taken the EV world by storm. Proving very popular with our customers the Renault ZOE is similar in dimensions to the BMW i3. The compact style of the vehicle allows for a top speed of 84mph, slightly lower than the BMW i3. The Renault ZOE provides users with a sense of security whilst on the motorway, due to it’s soft suspension that hides the bumps and imperfections in the road surface. With this in mind the EV is perfectly suited for urban and city driving. Being a smaller vehicle with a range of 186 miles the nippy acceleration is best for everyday driving and commuting, allowing you to maneuver and change lanes quickly with confidence. 

Key features of the BMW i3

The BMW i3 was designed for the technology savvy individuals. The futuristic interior is even more impressive than the exterior. The BMW i3’s unconventional interior is something to note when comparing to the Renault ZOE. A key difference between the two is that the BMW i3 has a circular ‘gear’ stick located next to the steering wheel. This alternative can be twisted to select the required gear, and change from drive to reverse. 

The quirky exterior of the BMW i3 is something that has to be mentioned, it certainly stands out from other EVs on the road. The main structure is light in weight whilst the compact electric motor is situated at the rear of the vehicle. This allows for more space at the front for the wheels to turn, making the BMW i3 easier to maneuver. Along with this the design of the shortened bonnet and boot makes parking the car exceptionally easy.

The performance of the BMW i3 is impressive with three different driving modes, it has one for every occasion; comfort, ecopro and ecopro+. In comfort mode you can expect to experience the best performance. Switch to ecopro and the car’s energy recuperation system cuts in sooner. The car harvests energy and feeds it back into the battery as you take your foot off the throttle and the car slows down. For urban driving use the ecopro+ mode it is great as it shuts off climate control and limits the top speed of the car.

Hire a BMW i3 today, and experience a drive like no other. Prices start from £29 per day excluding VAT.

Key features of the Renault ZOE

For those who are still new to the world of EVs the Renault ZOE is the ideal match. If you’re looking to hire a Renault ZOE, you will be experiencing a blend of technology and innovation with a familiar look. The exterior looks and feels like a traditional car. The Renault ZOE doesn’t try to look futuristic and different. It is this key aspect that makes customers feel more comfortable when they are in the car. The interior follows suit to this, the gear stick, hand brake, dashboard and any other accompanying controls are situated where you would typically expect to find them on any standard vehicle.

The traditional style of the Renault ZOE does not hinder on the technological elements of the car, instead they are smartly adapted to enhance the vehicle for comfort and ease. The Renault ZOE comes with a range of technology upgrades such as key less car entry and start, as well as parking sensors which makes everyday driving a breeze. The Renault ZOE also comes with Eco-mode, which when in use limits the air conditioning or heating to maximise the driving range and performance.

Along with these features the Renault ZOE comes with a 7” infotainment touch screen display. Housing a range of useful tools; navigation, DAB FM tuner, Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free calls and voice control. 

Hire a Renault ZOE today, and experience the comfortable drive. Prices start from £25 per day excluding VAT.

Which one will you choose?

So, you’ve read about the amazing features that both electric vehicles have to offer, and would now like to hire a BMW i3 or a Renault ZOE?

Contact our team at EVision today to get a very affordable quote. 

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