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Electric Car - Porsche Taycan

Whether you are due to renew your lease on your current company cars in the next month or in the next year, we want to let you know why you would benefit from having our EVision electric cars for your company cars, and what we can offer you.

Many businesses tend to offer the option of company cars now a days, as well as a competitive salary, so why should your company be any different. Whatever size your business is, whether it be a one man band, a franchise or a group of companies, we completely understand that looking for cheap lease deals can be stressful and very costly, but here at EVision Electric Car Hire we hope we have something to suit your company car requirements. 

Electric cars offered by EVision:

At EVision, we have a fleet of pure electric cars that range from luxurious top-end cars such as the Tesla Models which are great for business Directors. We also offer smaller and economical EVs such as a Renault ZOE, perfect for employees who attend business meetings locally.

Tesla Model S

We have a range of Teslas available for long term and short term hire that would be ideal for electric company cars, starting with the most popular, Tesla Model S

  • Tesla Model S 75
  • Tesla Model S 75D
  • Tesla Model S 85
  • Tesla Model S P85
  • Tesla Model S P85D
  • Tesla Model S P100D

The top of the range P100D is the car that definitely turns heads. This particular car is a four wheel drive complete with autopilot, and a great range of 311 miles, based on the road conditions and driving style. If you’re looking for a flashy but luxurious car then this is definitely for you.

If the Tesla Model S is something of interest to you, prices start from £39.86 per day excluding VAT and insurance for the Tesla Model S 85. 

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is a stylish and comfortable car that will provide you with a little more room than the Tesla Model S. On the EVision fleet, we have the 75D and the 90D. Both cars are capable of super swift acceleration, much faster than you would usually expect from an SUV. The Model X equips falcon style doors, and who wouldn’t want to turn up to a business meeting in this, talk about making an entrance!

Prices for the Model X start from £94.14 a day excluding VAT and insurance.

Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace is a relatively new arrival to the EVision fleet, having only joined us in November 2018. What an impression it has already made on our customers, with numerous excellent 5* reviews. We have nothing but good things to say about this car, and it would definitely make an amazing company car for anyone. View our latest video to see the car in detail. If you’re looking to hire a Jaguar I-Pace, prices start from £62.71 per day excluding VAT and insurance, when hired out for 12 months or more. 

Kia e-Niro

The Kia e-Niro joined us in June 2019, and has been another popular car with our customers. At the lower end of the spectrum, EVision can offer an affordable but spacious SUV.  The Kia e-Niro offers ample space in the front and back of the car, so you’re journey to work will always be comfortable. View our latest video focusing on all the Kia has to offer. Following just behind the Jaguar, with an impressive 282 miles of range, any employee will be able to make use of the car throughout the day, without even having to worry about charging the car back up.

Companies can hire a Kia e-Niro for a great £39.86 per day excluding VAT and insurance.

Audi e-tron

Another new addition to our fleet this year is the Audi e-tron. You can hire out an Audi e-tron from as little as £99.86 per day when you lease it for a 12 month period or more.  

The Audi e-tron comes with an average range of 249 miles, which could get you from our head office in Kent, all the way to our collection point in Yorkshire on a single charge and still have miles left!

BMW i3

Try out our futuristic, stylish BMW if you are looking for something a bit different. The BMW is perfect for urban and city driving, with a range of 130 – 200 miles, depending on what model you choose. You can lease a BMW i3 94Ah, 120Ah or the BMW i3 REX, so you are definitely spoilt for choice. If you’re looking for a BMW i3 lease deal then definitely check out our summer madness offer below!

Renault ZOE 

The Renault ZOE is definitely an underestimated car. With a range of 186 miles, this smaller but still very stylish car is perfect for any employee. If you are looking for a very conventional car then this is the car for you without a doubt. The Renault ZOE has an automatic gearbox located in the standard area of the car, along with a normal pull up handbrake, for anyone that is very traditional. Prices start from £12.71 per day excluding VAT and insurance, so if you are looking for long term hire on a budget then contact us today to book up the Renault ZOE.

Appreciate your employees today and allow them the feeling of arriving in style to every business meeting they attend with one of our electric vehicles.

Long Term Hire

If you are looking at any of our EVs for electric company cars then we can offer discounts for long term hire, as well as a multi-car discount. If you still aren’t convinced then here’s why you should be considering EVision for cheap lease deals on electric company cars:

  • If you’re hiring cars through us you wont need to worry about the depreciation of the EVs
  • You can choose long term hire, but you are never tied down to a contact with us
  • If you have changed your mind halfway through your rental and think you need a bigger or smaller car with different mileage range, we will offer you the chance to upgrade or downgrade the vehicles to suit you 
  • We will not hold you liable for any maintenance costs! If you need tyres changed or any servicing work done, then contact us and we will get the car sorted for you
  • We offer unlimited mileage on most contract types, so it’s an open road to endless destinations, even if it is only to a business meeting two minutes down the road
  • You will definitely notice a huge difference in the savings you make, such as the amount of fuel you don’t have to purchase. Your business bank account will love you!
  • Most of all the benefit in kind is a lot cheaper on electric company cars in comparison to petrol or diesel vehicles

We offer daily hire rates, three months plus, and 12 months hire, so the longer you have our vehicles out the cheaper it will be for you, especially when you are looking at multiple company cars.

Benefit in Kind

So you’ve read in recent news about individuals making the switch to electric cars, but you’re still unsure? That’s completely understandable, it’s hard to jump on the bandwagon without knowing all the facts, so we are here to fill you in!

The biggest benefit by far, for choosing EVs for your company cars is the Benefit in Kind, or (BIK) for short. For anyone who is unaware of what benefit in kind is, it is the amount of tax that employees have to pay for the use of any company cars. The price of tax is calculated by the value of the car, the employee’s income tax band, as well as the amount of Co2 emissions produced by the vehicle.

In the current financial year, all electric company cars are receiving a 16% BIK tax rate, and all conventional petrol and diesel cars are taxed accordingly to their Co2 emissions. 

In 2020, we will all see a huge change in the tax ratings. The government has issued a 0-2% BIK tax for all zero emitting vehicles.

If you or your company have been thinking about introducing electric company cars to the fleet, then there is no better time than now. If you can’t find any cheap lease deals around for conventional cars then this may be the answer for you, to save a staggering amount each year!

On top of benefit in kind, this year we have also seen the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) come into force in London, in April 2019, that was originally scheduled to come into practice in 2020. If you are using an electric car and travelling into central London, then you are already making huge savings. If you haven’t heard of ‘ULEZ’, it basically means that any vehicles, even hybrid vehicles, are now required to pay daily charges, based on their vehicles emissions. On average, drivers are made to pay £12.50 in addition to the congestion charge already in place. If you travel through London frequently, it is highly beneficial for you to be travelling in an electric company car as you are subject to no fees. 

Even though all drivers were made aware by various messages and advertisements, Transport for London (TfL) made almost £2.2 million in just a week, think how many company cars could be hired out from EVision with that much money! 

Summer Madness Offer

If the ULEZ charges or the benefit in kind savings aren’t enough for you, then EVision Electric Car Hire are offering an eye-catching deal that will make you double take, just to ensure you read it correctly. If you’re looking at arranging company cars for your business, then stop right now and view our latest ‘Summer Madness’ offer that is only valid for a limited time only. This offer is based on availability, so when the cars are gone, they are GONE!    

There are three different electric cars available in this deal:

BMW i3 94Ah (2018 model):

If the BMW i3 is a car of interest to you, we are hiring the 94Ah out for £85.00 plus VAT per week, when leased for a 12 month period or more. Considering the hire price for the BMW i3 is £12.71 a day normally, we will let you do the maths!

BMW i3 120Ah (2019 model):

For an additional £10 extra a week, you can enjoy our 2019 BMW model for £95.00 per week plus VAT on a 12 month basis.

Tesla Model S 85

If you are in need of a slightly larger car, then perhaps the Tesla Model S 85 is for you? You can grab this electrifying deal and hire the 85 for a grand £260.00 per week plus VAT. When the original daily hire price is £39.86 per day, it would be madness for you to miss out on cheap lease deals like this!

Contact the team at EVision today, we would love to help you make some savings on company cars. If you would like to make use of our Summer Madness offer, details can be found on our social media channels. Alternatively you can call us on: 01634 914063 or email us!

*All prices and offers are correct as of July 2019

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