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Whether you agree to the idea of owning or driving an electric car or not, the future is changing rapidly, and individuals are opening up to the idea. The government aim to halt production of petrol cars by 2040, so if you’ve not experienced an electric car yet, now’s the time! According to nextgreencar, there are currently more than 206,000 plug in cars and 8,500 electric vans as of March 2019, seeing a huge surge in comparison to 2013 when there were only 3,500 electric cars on the roads.

Along with the increase of electric cars comes a rise in the number of charge points that are available. Zapmap, one of the biggest apps for displaying and locating charging points around the UK for EV drivers, states that as of 12th April 2019 there are currently 21,596 connectors in 7,823 locations nationwide. It will also show when connectors go down for repair, and what type of chargers are present at each location point.

Benefits of hiring/owning an electric car

As electric cars are still a new and upcoming innovation, people may need more convincing to hire one, and in the future buy their very own EV.

  • When you purchase an electric car you will not have to pay any road tax. Due to having a no emission car, you will be saving yourself a monthly figure, which will eventually add up.
  • Feel like you are doing your part for the environment and drive around in your no emission car. Go green and ditch the diesel!
  • Electric cars may be slightly more expensive to purchase initially in comparison to a fuel car.
  • Certain streets and areas within London have now been changed to a ULEZ (Ulta Low Emission Zone), allowing only specific low emission cars enter, and charge higher polluting cars to pay a charge. 

Bad news for Whitecar!

Earlier on in the month, news of Whitecar going under surfaced on Twitter. With customers existing bookings being cancelled and left trying to find a way of getting a refund. We are so sorry to hear a fellow EV company have had to close! We hope that all of Whitecar’s customers have found alternative car hire. For those of you that are still looking around, make sure you visit our website to book, or find our available cars below.

EVision’s Fleet

Tesla Model S 

Take your pick of the Tesla Model S 75, 75D, 85, P85, P85D or the P100D. Starting from £118 per day (including VAT, reduced excess and insurance) for a Tesla Model S 85, try out your own luxurious Tesla and arrive in style. If you are looking for chauffeur hire, then look no further!

Tesla Model X

Choose from the Tesla Model X 75D or the 90D. All of our cars can be picked up and collected from our Head office, or our other UK pick up points at Diggerland Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. 

Renault ZOE

The Renault ZOE may appear small, but will leave a huge impact on you when you experience the smooth, silent engine. Daily hire starts from £50 per day (including VAT, reduced excess and insurance), and with a range of 186 miles, the ZOE is perfect for journeys into town and motor way driving.  

BMW i3

Try out our futurisitc style car, the BMW i3, perfect for urban and city driving. Choose from three different driving modes, comfort, ecopro and ecopro+, and from only £54.80 per day (including VAT, reduced excess and insurance) the BMW can be yours.

Jaguar I-Pace 

Our newest addition, the Jaguar I-Pace, arrived at EVision in November last year and we have barely seen it! It’s been a very popular choice for our customers, so much so that we have three, two black and now a white one. With a range of 292 miles on one charge, make a day of it and plan a trip!

Kia e-Niro

The Kia e-Niro will be rolling into the EVision fleet in the next few weeks. Would you like to be one of the first people in the country to drive one on the roads? Register your interest today. We have already had customers contacting us about hires, so don’t miss out.

Audi e-tron

With our fleet growing even bigger soon, the Audi e-tron is due to join the EVision company in April 2019. Like the Jaguar, we anticipate the Audi to be another very popular pick for our customers. With an impressive 249 miles of range, you won’t want to miss out, register your interest today.

Tesla Model 3

EVision are on the waiting list for the long and awaited Tesla Model 3, which is due to arrive within the next year at some point. The Model 3 will be in high demand so it will only be available for collection from the Head Office in Kent. Daily hire prices are still to be confirmed.

Whether you are looking for a replacement car for your hire from Whitecar, or you are looking into hiring an Electric Car for the first time then come to us, here at EVision we will be able to advise and help choose the best car for you. Call us now on: 01634 914063

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